Why do I need caravan insurance?

While caravan insurance isn’t a legal requirement, it’s good to have a safety net to fall back on should an
unfortunate incident happen. A caravan can be worth tens of thousands of pounds and they are often
easily damaged or stolen.

Caravan Guard’s touring caravan insurance covers your caravan and contents against risks like accidental
damage, fire, theft, storm and flood cover. It’s important to remember that if you have an accident on the
road when towing, your car insurance will not cover repairs to your caravan.

Some caravan owners who put their pride and joy in storage during the winter months, either at home or a
secure storage site, may think it good idea to cancel your insurance and save a few pounds. However,
please remember, your caravan doesn’t have to be on the road to be targeted by thieves or vandals, and
fire is always a potential risk. In fact, over 40% of Caravan Guard’s claims costs relate to incidents that
have occurred when the caravan is out of use (based on statistics produced in April 2020).

Caravan Guard’s touring caravan insurance puts you in control, by letting you select from options to tailor
your policy, while giving you peace of mind that your caravan and contents will be covered should the
worst happen.
For a quote or more information on their policy features and benefits click here.

For a quote from Caravan Guard or more information on their policy features and benefits click here.

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