Used motorhome inflation report

Used motorhome prices outstrip property market inflation over the past year

  • The 2021 Motorhome Inflation Market Report has revealed an average increase in price of 13.86% over the past year.
  • A lack of new motorhome supply, due to the global shortage of microchips, has massively increased prices for used motorhomes.
  • The rising popularity of DIY motorhome influencers and Youtubers has also increased demand for used motorhomes, especially among the 30-45 age bracket.
  • Almost 60% of UK postcodes have seen rising motorhome sales, with the Midlands seeing the highest demand – Derby has seen an increase of 122% in motorhome purchases this past year.
  • Auto-Trail is the most popular motorhome brand, followed by Volkswagen and Swift.

New research has revealed the rising prices seen across the used motorhome market over the past year.

The team of analysts at have compared internal data on pricing between 2020 and 2021, to reveal that the average motorhome has seen an increase in price of 13.86% (or £4,060) in the past 12 months.

This is 4.06% more than the 9.8% increase in house prices reported by Halifax over 2021.

Across the past year, prices for motorhomes have seen a big increase, similar to price increases across the used car market. In part , this is due to a lack of new motorhome supply, meaning more people turning to the second-hand market with more competing buyers pushing up prices. In addition, a new wave of first time buyers have driven used motorhomes prices up as they venture into the market for the first time. 

Overall, used motorhomes are gaining popularity in most areas of the UK, with almost 60% of postcodes showing an increase in sales. England experienced the most dramatic rise in sales, particularly in the Midlands.

The area with the largest increase in demand for used motorhome sales is Derby, seeing an increase of over 122% in purchases this past year.

Not far behind with a rise of 110% is Stoke-on-Trent. Exeter, the capital of county Devon, has experienced the third largest increase in used motorhome purchases, with a 91.7% rise over the past year.

The team also revealed the most popular motorhome brands by sales. Almost every brand enjoyed an increase in demand, but as popularity for these top models increases, it could be a great time to sell at a higher price.

Auto-Trail has performed impressively, holding the top spot for two years in a row after scoring the highest amount of sales in both 2020 and 2021. Auto-Trail is a British brand that began its journey in the 1980s with a signature cream coachwork and broad maroon stripes. 

In joint second is Volkswagen, whose huge increase in sales climbed the brand three places up the leaderboard from their position of fifth in 2020, earning them the title of the second best-selling motorhome brand last year. 

Sharing second place with Volkswagen is the UK’s largest manufacturer of touring caravans and motorhomes, Swift. This company launched its first motorhome in 1985, focussing  on the simple principle of making products that innovate in key areas: design, quality and value for money.

Natalie Drewery, Operations Director at, said: “Motorhomes have experienced a huge increase in public interest over the past few years. It has been fantastic to see so many people embracing the opportunity to travel that motorhomes provide.

“The growth was initially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which boosted the popularity of staycations. But, after two years of experiencing limited freedoms, many are easily frustrated by the feeling of being trapped in the house. As a result, the idea of escaping the day-to-day and exploring the world has become even more appealing.

“The motorhome industry has also seen rising second-hand prices due to the world wide microchip shortage. Much like a car, many of the mechanical and electrical functions of a motorhome are controlled by computer chips, which builders are struggling to get a hold of. So new motorhomes either can’t be produced, or are seeing longer waiting lists – leading to more demand for a used vehicle, increasing prices across the board.

“There has been an especially large rise in interest from younger generations, mainly that of the 30-45 age range. We can only assume that this has arisen from the positive exposure that camping, road trips and DIY motorhomes has received from influencers and Youtubers. Van to motorhome renovation projects seem to have become particularly attractive to this age group. It’s great to see the next generation embracing and benefitting from the freedom, adventures and independence that motorhomes offer.”

About is the UK’s largest dedicated buyer of motorhomes. The team of expert buyers have been in the leisure business for many years and the group buys motorhomes and caravans from the public. They are experts in valuing and purchasing all makes, models, and ages of motorhome.

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