UK tops list of European destinations for caravan lovers

In time for National Camping and Caravanning Week, Safeguard Insurance has uncovered Europe’s best destinations for caravanning, looking at five key indicators such as the number of caravan sites, the number of nights spent, the number of trips, the amount spent and the number of new registrations to rank the best European destinations – unveiling the UK as the biggest nation of caravan lovers.

Highlights from the data include:

  • The UK spends the most nights in caravans overall, getting away from their day-to-day routine.
  • Consistently on the hunt for better weather, UK caravanners prefer to go overseas for their adventures.
  • In comparison, French caravan fans prefer to stay close to home.
  • Despite the UK spending the most nights overall in their caravan, Slovenia takes the greatest number of trips.
  • Brits have the deepest pockets when it comes to splashing out on caravan adventures.
  • Denmark takes the first position for the number of touring registrations and Sweden takes the top spot for motor caravan registrations.
  • France has over 7,000 more caravan and camping sites than the UK, showing there is an opportunity for the UK to invest in itself and expand its domestic caravan offerings.

To celebrate the UK’s victory as the number one European hotspot for caravan fans, Safeguard has created an interactive map where you can see a full breakdown of the scores.

Europe’s Caravan Hotspots

 RankCountryIndex out of 10
1United Kingdom10.0

How many nights did Europeans tot up at caravan parks and campsites across Europe?

We’ve taken a look at data from Eurostat, which tells us the highest number of nights spent in caravan parks and campsites across Europe, as well as the highest number of domestic and outbound nights spent per 100,000 people.

People from the UK spend the highest number of nights in caravan parks and campsites across the continent, with a huge total of over 232,000 nights. This is followed by France, with our neighbours enjoying over 139,000 nights camping or caravanning, and Switzerland, with over 135,000 nights.   

In terms of domestic nights spent, i.e. people who took a camping/caravanning trip in the same country they’re from, France leads the pack with over 124,000 nights spent exploring their homeland. Next is Sweden with over 84,000 nights, then the UK with over 74,000.  

When it comes to outbound nights spent in caravan parks and campsites, i.e. people who took a trip to a different country than the one they’re from, Brits appear to be the most avid adventurers, with over 157,000 outbound nights in total. Switzerland’s next in the league of explorers with over 116,000 nights spent abroad, followed by Slovenia with over 88,000

Which country has the most choice when it comes to the number of caravan parks and campsites?

I will leave that for you to decide but I bet you will know, leave your answer below if you want

You might find the answer here though

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