See us at the NEC – Motorhome Holiday Company

Motorhome Holiday Company will be one of 10 Motorhome Hire organisations who are joining together on the stand. We will be offering to the customer a UK wide network of established and trusted motorhome suppliers.

Matt was asked for more info and said.

“The trend for motorhome hire is growing. This has created lots of new and budding motorhome hire operators. In an industry that is totally unregulated this leaves the consumer exposed to some very serious risks. These include scams, unsafe motorhomes, uninsured or inadequately insured motorhomes, poor service and low standards. The trend for the air b’n’b agency model is also growing. We wanted to offer you the consumer more choice. The aim of the collaborative stand at the NEC show is to raise the profile of some of the independent motorhome hire operators that are worth considering for your holiday. I’m proud to have put the idea together and make it happen. A UK first!”
This is an exciting time for the motorhome industry where hire offers a great introduction to the concept and pastime.

All this in a landscape where the costs of ownership are on the increase. As a result our MotorhomeShare™ membership is growing and has a new announcement of a product we will be launching at the show….

Discovery Membership from MotorhomeShare™
We are extremely excited to announce a new membership level from the Motorhome Holiday Club – MotorhomeShare. We call the membership ‘Discovery’.

After much customer feedback we have launched a points pack that is geared for the family or couple doing 2 weeks of motorhome holiday per year or 4 weekends. Or perhaps a week in the summer and other shorter breaks through the year. The pot is 270 points and can be topped up, shared with family or friends or used by one member.

Lower membership joining fees
PLUS, our feedback was the typical 50% fee to pay up front was too restricting. So, we are now offering the option to pay in a 3+35 model – just like a car lease finance.

What dos this mean? The 3+35 model will be rolled out to all of our membership plans meaning for Discovery the monthly payment is just £219 per month with a joining fee of just £657. After this initial payment you are in club membership with your holiday costs fixed for 3 years. Simple. Don’t forget that Discovery members get all the benefits of Platinum membership too! Even better!

With road tax on motorhomes increasing from £245 to £2350 in the first year and motorhomes themselves getting more and more expensive to buy, this has been of massive interest!

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