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The NCC Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme

CRiS is the NCC's official national database for touring caravans. Introduced in 1992, CRiS holds important information on all UK caravans manufactured since that time, as well as many older caravans registered by their owners under the CRiS facility. CRiS is also the ONLY database that contains details of caravan keepers, as well as identities of the caravan itself.

Based around the international 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) system, CRiS ensures all registered caravans can be identified through this single number. Since late 1996, CRiS marked caravans have also been fitted with an electronic tag that also contains the same 17 digit VIN.

Police and other regulatory organisations, when covertly checking suspect caravans, use this tag. Caravan owners can enhance the integrity of their caravans by adding additional tags and markings.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that both the Caravan AND the Current Keeper are registered with CRiS. Many insurance companies are now requiring customers to provide a valid CRiS number before providing adequate cover.