Hymer Galileo – Concept

This is how Hymer see the motorhome of the future. Driverless, impressive and probably expensive

Hymer being a bit of a titan in the world of motorhomes and caravans they will obviously be right on the money. A motorhome that can be….. well whatever you want it to be really.

You really do need to get your head in that Blade Runner mode and forget normal roads, or normal motorhomes….think outside the box. (Really trying here)

Hymer think that the Galileo will or could (emphasise on the could) be all things to all people. A motorhome, office, apartment home-away-from-home, staycation except you are on the move so forget where home is etc …you get the drift.

Personally I love the idea. What could be better than everything I need, travelling around Europe or the world without having to drive…

I could look up all the technical details and specifications but it is a concept but we can dream

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