Coccon minicaravan launch on the European Market

After the success achieved in Portugal and Spain, we are prepared to serve this market in a segment that has been consolidating for caravan lovers, with a viable and economical solution for all budgets.

Cocoon is the first minicaravan produced and launched by YGO Now that consists of a trailer, known as a minicaravan, having the capacity to accommodate two adults. It includes sleeping space, a mini-kitchen and a structure on the top to carry surfboards or attach a tent for example. This teardrop-shaped can be towed to any car, with no need for a special driving license.

Cocoon is available to order in six standard colours and in three versions depending on equipment specifications.

The models range from more economic models to models with more equipment, features and extras included such as: USB sockets, mattress, stove and autonomous power supply.

The new YGO Now brand unfolds into two new products: minicaravans and motorhome transformation. In a year affected by the pandemic and with the increased demand for this type of vehicle and travel experience, this was an important opportunity on Expomundo’s horizon. Since July, the company has had an exclusive production line for these vehicles and trailers, witch can be costomised adn adjusted to the customer’s needs and preferences. (you go now)

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