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Hello everybody First would like to say what a great time we had on the French Rally in the Loire. Me and geezer now wandering Aimlessly round France. We are now in the Dordogne at Sarlat la caneda. The town of SARLAT is wonderful and the campsite we got from the ACSI book is incredible. It has four swimming pools, restaurant, bar, takeaway and lovely weather so far, oh yes and WiFi and that is why you getting this bit of a journal. I did say I would bore you with our travels and thats exactly what I amgonna do. We arrived after 8 hours driving, halfwayalong TOMTOM packed up (blank screen only like it had beenswitched off) so we had a couple of wrong turnings halfway up a mountain and toyboy had to get us out. Of course that was after the screaming match we were having in the roadway while all the frogs were being directed past by yours truly.

Then we got into the centre of SARLAT right through the middle of the shopping centre which was pedestrianized - but of course that didnt apply to caravans did it !!!! We were gonna stay 2 nights only but as its so nice we not going till Sunday. Not sure which direction to go bt got couple of days to decide. Ok heres a query for the

TOMTOM owners amongst us. It just died at Limoges after a stop. Now we cant get a thing, so we tried to charge it up thinking it may be not charging on the car but today Nudda, has anybody got any bright ideas??

Ok thats me done till I get onagain. Lots a love to all and special thanks for the boatride with Colin and Lisa , it was Magic - honest injun !!!!xxxxxxxxx

So, we leaves SARLAT LE CANEDA ready for the drive to the TARN GORGE. We are fine until we strayed onto a kin DEEEEEEEE road !!! Going upwards, although it did say DEVIATION - TOYBOY was having none of it, and so we ended up through the town of CAPDENAC. Ever heard of it ?? thought not, but on Sunday morning about NOON it was having a parade with a full blown band that we split down the middle of the road !!!!!!! AND they were all women AND if looks cold kill !! How DO they say NAFF OFF in french ? I think I caught the tail end of it.......

So, we picked up the trail again about 30 miles further on. I say miles cos thats all I can equate to being over 50 errr 60 and remember the QueenMummy visiting our school when her teeth were whiteish.

All went well until LA CRESSE - another DEEEEEEEE little gem nobody has heard of. Through the village, sharp left and then a road four feet wide for 4 kilometres, whatever that is. Obviously it was wider but NOT TO ME it wasnt. On my left I peered cautiously out of the window. A 100 ft drop welcomed us. On the right A SIGN stating "Falling rocks for 4 kilometres" !!!!!

Toyboy has no fear and we rolled along at 50 mph in fact rocking and rolling all the way to the campsite LES PRADES at 10 euros a night - now I know why !!!

Since arriving I have been practicing breathe in 3 breathe out 4 breathe in 5 breathe out 6. This apparently is how to stop a panic attack on the move.

So onwards and DOWNWARDS methinks. We have seen the MILLAU bridge - thats high too!!! but what a magnificent piece of engineering. We have travelled along the Gorges (GULP!!!) and mostly with a bag over me head but travelled I have.

My pictures prove it but I still cant get them onto the T & T Photo Gallery -I dont think I was cut out for this clever stuff. TUT !!! Tomorrow the coast beckons and hope we dont end up in someones backyard.

Thats all folks XXXXXXXXXXX Dolly, Toyboy and the Waggon xxx


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