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Left Tarn Gorge - Eyes still closed till we joined themotorway south of THE BRIDGE. WE did it singlythe day before and it cost about 5 euros. Course once agaiin when it came to double bubble Geezer was having none of it. So on we went - no mishaps no toll charge and ony one wrong turn which brought us to the campsite LA CASTELLA from Cap D'Agde rather than SETE. You well travelled amongst s will know exactly what I mean.

Busy, busy road - campingcars allalong the beach - we had to cross the cvarriageway which, considering, wasnt too bad !!. It was actually when we got into the camp that the problems started !! well I say problems but really its someting you cant really do anything about.

Every nght from about 9pm onwards I would say every 5 minutes through the night this great noisy beast of train trndles ythrough our caravan at 100 miles per hour. E very time I dropped off - Ere comes anuvver one !! right in my ear. The train runs about twice aday in daylight but 95 times during thenight. It is so bad you have to stop talking/snoring/complaining as you cant hear yourself let alone anybiody else 

Now Geezer BUMFACE has no truck with the train whatsoever as he can fallasleep at the drop of a train whistle. His problem was the poor chap in the tent behind trying to learn/teach himself guitar. I have no problem with it at all - poor chap he is obviously trying to be another Eric Clapton at some time in the distant distant future so uyou can see at the moment we both have different agendas going on here.

Today is footie day and a little english chap fron Billericay cam over hoppingfromone leg to another hoping to get an invite. After an hours chat about football/rugby/french/english/campsite/Billericay cos thats where hecomes from, Iput him out of hismisery andinvited him to come and watch it. I thought of Sues' generous disposition letting a huge chunk of male testosterone take root in her awning for what seemed like weeks to me, so thats who I am aspiring to be. Will let you know how us and man and wife from Billericay get on. We have laid on Roquefort with honey drizzled over, baguettes with oil and balsamic dip and bags of Rose wine and Stella Beer.

They had better turn up. She has already put the honey onthe doorstep wh ile we were outmarching round Montpellier spelled with two ells - getting lost.


We leave on Monday for the A9 o S P A I N...............................

Dolly and the beloved TOYBOY xxx

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