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Its 9.40 am and its hot enough to take me clobber off !! But thats not a pretty sight I can tell you.

Anyway Our mate Brian and his wife Anna turned up prompt with two bottles of vin to keep us going through the game. We forced the cheese n honey down them poor souls but obviously seeing England win made the evening very nice thank you.

Sunday dawned, we plodded over to the beach about 3 feet away and unpacked all the palaver like the proverbial english couple. I did advise Geezer to put his hanky on his head to protect the bald patch he swears he hasnt got but he declind. I immediately went into the sea - well dipped me toe, decided it was quite cold and then returned to my chair , under my umbrella feeling I was at last on my beach holiday.

Today, we swan off to San Pere Pescador somewhere in Spain, as long as its near the sea I dont care where it is !!....

Brian from Billericay (Wickford I think actually) has taken down the site (not literally !!) as he has a tent and our email address. He is into motorbikes and sidecars in a big way and I should have told him we cater for allsorts on this forum !!!

This ones a bit boring init ??? thats cos its 9.40 in the morning and me brain dont get up to at least 3 in the afternoon.

Au Revoir France Ola Espana

Dolly half asleep and Toyboy - left to get the awning down/pack up generally while I am sitting on me butt doing this. 

Lorra lurv to all

Dolly and Toyboy xxxxxxxxx

MONDAY 10TH SEP - Left Cap D'Agde for trip down to Spain.

Uneventful till we got to the spanish at LA JONQUERA. It wasnt that we were stopped - it was just the thought that we might be, that put us into a blind panic. The traffic slowed dramatically to near dead halt. So then it was "Wheres the Passports" "Got any money ?" "Are there any Policia about ?" or just through gritted teeth "SMILE !"

We slowly edged forward, like being in a funeral cortege. We tried to appear small and look like GEEKS and Geezer put on his best Numbnut face and I took off me shades - after all didnt wanna look like the Blues Bruv nah family nah gang now did we ??

French side - passed through - sigh of relief No Mans Land loomed and still silent panic engulfed us.

Spain beckoned and two Guardia crossed our path. We held our breath - then they passed on to a car


We picked up speed, got the rifles out again and zoomed off into the Noonday glare of the spanish sun, car tyres biting into the dust as we screeched to each other



Drove slowly and sedately into SAN PERE PESCADOR. There was a motorhome on our tail. Geezer tried to shake them off - Who were they ? What did they want ? Had I put all my credit cards in my shoes ? Had jesus boots on at the time tut......Had I got the one with the most credit on , in me knickers ??

We drove down a side street hoping they would go away - sigh of relief - but next turning there they were again, behind us, slowly, menacingly following us ...............still......... We turned Right, so did they, we went a further 2k down the road and they were still there close behind - GB PLATES - had they seen us at the ? Were they trying to abduct us or worse still - trying to infiltrate T&T special agents !!??!!

We finally turned into Camping Aquarius "sur la plage/on the beach/platjas" safe haven at last. Goes into Reception and there he is, all shorts, grey hair, white legs and a scottish accent.

Was that you in the Senator he says. YES we gulped Great he said, I just knew you were on the rally so just followed you all the way here. Thanks very much.

RALLY ? What Rally ? We not on no rally - been on one ,not going on one.....tell us more ?????

We followed him about a bit (not wanting him to think he had been left out cos we hadnt returned the favour) on foot and stumbled on this rally nice ENGlish village. I think it could be Midsomer cos lots a murders appen there and he could be the next hahahaha No NO No I lie............But John Nettles might be around so we blagged our way onto this Camping and Caravanning Club Rally till Friday.

We having real spanish food tonight in the restaurant with 17 other ralliers. Fish n Chips and Cheesecake BUT the wine is thrown in with the price so hopefully gonna get a blotto night TONIGHT !! yes yes yes


Adios Amigos xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs Geek and Mr Numbnuts xxxxxxx

OLA Amigos !

Travels with my Toyboy The best read of 2007   Travels with my Toyboy part 2

Jean and John Vines, John will be sadly missed but never forgotten


Johns bench

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