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After a BBQ.

The site owner gave every table a bottle of wine. The said wine was drunk with thanks.

The concert mike could only come 6" away from the front, so that meant all turns played to the left.

WE sat on the right. I got the right UMP !! As there were a few other londoners there - we ALL got the right UMP !!

Toyboy said "Calm down" (he is a northerner tsk.)...Calm down, CALM DOWN I said.............I dont wanna look at some ole boys bum while he is playing the harmonica, thanks !!

Some lady got up and did a rendition of "The Laughing Policeman" GORD SAKE - Is she real ??

I must be imagining all this - it cant be happening.......

You know what ? blinking was - Gotta go home n sleep it off !!!!

The bloke from Islington told me about a BODEGA up the road. Went today for some Degustation - oh yes I remember me french words -

Got 2 litres of white medium 2 litres of rose medium and a litre of orange Muscatel.

9 euros 50 - well appy we are - the tasting was a help yorself to a hangover type place It did say one container only to sample with. We definitely stuck to that and they must expect you to spill some cos there was a gully running under the barrels so u could have got away with lying on the gully and just opening your marf.

I think Ron and Ian would have been in heaven orgasmica.

Went also to the Salvador Dali Museum today. He was an odd bod werent he ???????

Off to Barcelona in the morning so bye for now.

PS: Got a pretty Pennant for being on the Rally - Narf nice.

Hasta la Vista/ Into the Sunset

Tolly and Doughboy xxx

Neville - Neville - Neville


Club Rally Steward - He is the only man I know apart from Brian of Wickford (you remember him ???) who could hop from one foot to the other without falling over !!!.


And, when they put him in a skirt and scarf you wouldnt know the difference between him and Red Riding Hoods Granny.


This is troo.


Sadly, we leave STALAG 13 - nah - Camping Aquarius and head on down to Vila Nova i la Geltru, nr Sitges.


It was without incident, we been there before so we know the way.


Dolly boystoys xxxx

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