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We arrive Vila Nova "30 CAMPING CHEQUES FOR 60 NIGHJTS " is its slogan !!!

Directed to a lovely large pitch. Standing there deciding which way to put the van in when WHOOSH ! KABOOSH ! This dutchman comes flying down the site - guns ablazing - all ready to single handedly put the van on whichever way we wanted it. Although we do have a mover, we looked at each other , geezer and I , and as he was such a nice lowlander we let him have his wicked way.

So the Dutchman flew into position then he huffed and he puffed and he GOT the van on !!! Then he noticed the van said SENATOR on it.

Thereafter, the FLYING DUTCHMAN named geezer MR PRESIDENT and spoke with deference to him, bowing proffusely.

Dolly and Toyboy xxx

PS BE PREPARED for the Barcelona Bullfight !!!

The Barcelona Bullfight

No - we did not go to a Bullring, though that sums up our day in Barcelona.

Next morning, off to Barcelona on the train. Ere ! this is good - train spick n span, left on time and 5 euros for 45 minute journey. Spot on !!!

We arrive at Barcelona Sant (central) and walked out into a, wait for it wait for it ............

Building site!! So we spent the next hour wandering around the station for toilets and tourbuses , not necessarily in that order and like headless chickens getting more and more fraught until I suddenly felt a light go on in me ed, ASK ! gordsake why didnt I think of that ??? After I had spoken to the 3rd station official we finally got directions to the Tourbuses. Dont ask about the toilets as never did find any that were open in the station. We walked out into the sun, finally we could GO somewhere.

Dolly and Mr President xxx

The Barcelona Bullfight

Grabbed a bus, which took us up to the Olympic village that was. Really sporty. After a lot of peering and dashing for the views from the upper deck we got off and headed up the RAMBLAS. Long way up but we did see some sights as we ambled up. Zorro was standing on a box preparing to whip anybody and everybody that didnt pay him not to. Gollum was also spilling his all to anyone prepared to listen. A very very very fat lady stood and preened, nothing else just preeeened and pooooosed and then the piece de resistance was two doing the TANGO. Geezer give them 2euro and off they went cocking their knees into each others crotches for all it was worth. Then we had a go - what I meant was - well just a pose I sippose, never fear I have it in all its innocence on vid. Further on we saw some tortoises and terrapins for sale. We tried to catch them as they are protecterd species arent they ? but they were just too fast for us.

At top of RAMBLAS, grabbed another bus, rushed for the top deck - as you do - surged with the rest of them. You are starting to get the picture now arent you ? Bullfight ? more like a bunfight !!!

Off to the SEGRADA FAMILIA, termite town to me and you OR GAUDIS? Cathedral (unfinished).

I think when he was a kid he drew it, then he did a scale model in mud. His mates suggested after a ruck, that it might be better bigger so he started going upwards but then he died.; so his mates are still building it. DONT QUOTE ME ! One thing which is true is that everybodys fee to go into the unmade cathedral goes towards the rebuild. Mr Geezer Toyboy President loved it and yes it was quite magnificent.

Mrs President and his highness xxx

Quick dash out and onto a DIFFERENT colour bus up to the NEU CAMP. This is where Barcelona Football Team hang out. Its a place where young lads and nubile young girls get the famous autographs. I did try to get Thierrys signature on me forehard but he was unavailable seeing as he was off helping his auntie with the shopping at Carrefour.

Another quick dash for a DIFFERENT colour bus to take us to a junction where we would pick up another bus of a DIFFERENT colour, to take us back to the station to get a train cos we were now fed up with the buses.

As we boarded the bus - geezer (now relegated) had that panic stricken look - bus tickets ! where are they ? I proceeded to give him an all over feel but northing turned up. Nevertheless they allowed us on as we were only going one stop. When we got sat down, magically the tickets appeared out of his top pocket - like a rabbit out the hat, hmmm

Got back to Vila Nova about 7 and ate a nice nosh overlooking the PISCINA with a colour changing fountain to ooooh n aaaaaah over.

Next morning off to Alcossebre near Castellon. Good site but we bought a mozzy net. Apparently this site boasts a write up in the CC European sites directory which says BRING YOUR OWN FLY SWATTER. I feel another "gordsake" coming on ere.

Its Sunday evening 8.20 and we await the mozzy army. We are prepared.

TV is but a distant memory. Since Barcelona, SKY has packed up and gone home. We have tried Astra south but nothing happens. Now its - get the DVDs out and watch what we havent seen lately.

Silence is broken by the CICADAS and we prepare for a LOCK IN.

If we survive this hellhole then tuesday its JAVIER: 

Pray for us ...............


Geezer and Mrs Geezer zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Jean Vines along with John Vines who sadly passed away but will always be missed

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