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Quattro® Motor Mover

Caravan accessory manufacturer Purple Line set to launch a new caravan mover which features a unique twin roller design and unrivalled performance.
Quattro ® is more powerful and yet more efficient than other leading brands, as well as being lighter and IP water resistant.

The mover will be available in both manual and automatic engagement, allowing the user to select their preference.
Three key areas have been considered and addressed in the design and development of Quattro ®  - Power, Efficiency and Weight.

25% More Powerful
Allowing you to tackle steep inclines safely
The Quattro ® boasts a safe working load of 2,500kg when installing a two motor system. Thanks to the dynamic gearing being custom designed and the dual roller per-motor providing greater traction against the caravan tyres, generating more grip and power.

50% More Efficient
Meaning less drain on your leisure battery
The unique twin roller design means that there is zero deflection and less resistance on internal gears. Aided further by an effective oil filled gearbox and low current draw - providing far less drain on your leisure battery. The current market uses a traditional offset roller design which allows for
deflection, more resistance on the gears and therefore needs a much higher current to operate successfully.

15% Lighter
Making the most of your payload
The exclusive Quattro ® design means that all excess material added to a traditional caravan mover has been removed. The Quattro ® demonstrates weight savings in the gearbox, framework and rollers. Allowing the caravanner to make the most of their payload.

Managing Director Jonathan Harrison said
“The launch of Quattro ® reflects our company’s commitment to ‘design...innovate...improve’ by manufacturing a market leading product with clear benefits to the end user. With nearly two decades of industry experience we understand safety, functionality and usability are essential components for successful product.

With Quattro ® we have taken things up a gear - from the unique twin roller design to the noteworthy performance across all key areas - it’s an exciting time!”

Come and see the Quattro ® in action at The Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show 2019 - Birmingham NEC. 19 th -24 th February 2019.
- Witter Towbars - Hall 2 - Stand 2021
- S&G Leisure - Hall 1 - Stand 1420

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