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Send us your caravanning news

Here at Touring and Tenting we love to keep the content fresh and share, share, share and with that in mind we thought of you.

We get la fair number of press releases and articles (could always use more) from the Pro's but want to give you a voice and know that you have some great tales to tell or videos to share.

As long as they are your own we will publish them.

We can't offer you prizes or cash but we can offer you a platform for you to tell the caravanning and Camping community about your hobby/lifestyle.

We will publish it and share it and what's more it's free, fun and you get all the credit.

All we ask is:

  • The content is your own
  • It would appeal to the camping and caravanning community

The content can be anything you wish as long as it meets the above requirements so the following is great with us

  • Travel or holiday stories
  • Campsite stories
  • Family trip stories
  • Tourist attractions
  • Technical
  • ETC

You can send us photo's, video's, articles in word or pdf or just plain simple email and we will take care of the rest. 

If you prefer you can register/login and post your own directly to the website. The choice is yours.


We cannot allow any articles, photo's or vids that aren't yours.

If you are a blooger or have your own website you can add 1 link to it.

We cannot accept articles that are purely to promote your website or product/s

We retain the right to approve or deny articles

To post your own story click here or write to us via email