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So here we are again, some of us have packed the caravan or motorhome away for the winter while others, myself included take the caravan away all year. But where to go, where to stay and maybe a few tips from someone that has maybe done it all wrong in the past?

So where to go and where to stay is easy as our campsite directory has a list of campsites and caravan parks "open all year" just follow the link. Or use our "refine your search" feature which can be found on the home page click "campsite type" and select "open all year"

Caravanning over the winter can be great fun and if it snows you are in for a real treat because once you are pitched up and the snow comes down the caravan can get really toasty.

But rather than rush out, do a few simple things before you go. Make sure all your tyres and pressures are good to start with but then check the basics for when you are on site

  1. Gas (Propane) - Yep I have run out of gas before and it aint fun to try and find a supplier while the temperature is dropping. For me this is number 1 as the missus really doesn't like getting cold.
  2. Heating and hot water - check they work, it is really frustrating to click that button on the fire to realise those little AA igniter batteries have run out and you haven't got any spares, check the water is ok on gas and leccy.
  3. Food - What's the worse that can happen if you take to much? You have to take it home again. But if you are on site and you haven't got the basics in and it snows you really aren't in a good position.  I like some real basics, soup, rice etc anything warming and quick. Don't shy away from those quick boil in the bag/pot fast foods or microwave quickies (if you have a microwave that is).
  4. Hot drinks - (wine is further down the list during the winter if we are being really practical).
  5. Clothing - Good warm clothing is obviously an essential but sometimes in the rush you forget you best walking boots or winter jacket. I also have waterproof overalls as there is nothing worse than packing the van away with rain or snow soaking you through, they aren't expensive either, Go Outdoors does a full set for about £15
  6. Bedding - Don't forget it or in my case don't forget to swap the summer duvet for the winter duvet.
  7. Water - Take a big bottle or two of water, taps on campsites freeze up on a regular basis.
  8. Aqua-roll - Lift if off the ground and put an insulated jacket on it. They do freeze up. You can of course insulate you waste water container, not a big deal but if it freezes it can get damaged.
  9. Winter vent covers - Those covers you took off the fridge can go back on once the temperature is below 8C.
  10. Shovel or a spade and mats - I keep a spade in the car in the winter anyway but handy if you need to do a bit of digging out a few mats in the boot are good idea as well. You can get proprietary mats like Gripmat or similar if you prefer.
  11. Batteries - Check the car and caravan/motorhome batteries are all good, they do a lot of work in the winter months
  12. Weather - Last but not least check the forecasts it is one thing going away in the winter as most of the time it is great, even when snowed in but it is another thing altogether driving or towing in high winds or really bad weather so be prepared and if it looks really bad give the campsite a ring they may well be closed or being understanding and hold that deposit over for you.

I dare say there are a lot more things to remember but just get yourself prepared and have a great trip and winter caravanning can be great.

Write to us or comment below or on the forums if you have any great tips or want to add to the list above