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Attractions and places of interest close to campsites
As a follow up from this article Find a campsites close to major UK attractions we are now a step further to going to live with this project, which started out as a small quick project but which sooned turned into a rather big project. But we think its worth it We have tried to keep the categories reasonable in number and understandable which we hope will make it easier to find a) the attraction or place of interest you want to visit and b) a campsite or caravan park to stay in close by.
The categories at the moment are:
Garden garden
Good for kids (This is the only one that is slightly different and is aimed at families)
Heritage Site
Horse Racing Circuit
Motor Racing
Stately Home
Themed Attractions (not sure about this one yet)
Theme Park
Good for kids category is the only one that is different and this was added as we felt sometimes parents just want to simply find somwhere they can all go to and find it quickly for example a zoo rather than say Lands End which is great for some kids but maybe not for smaller kids and tots
The categories will be visible and will give an alternative to searching by the map below which we think is coming on nicely in regards to the number of attractions already listed. For example, every Zoo in the UK is now on. attractions in the UK map