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T&T Campsite Directory
This is just to let you all know that both websites will be moving from http to https over the next couple of weeks. What does this mean for us? Both Touring and Tenting and T&T The Campsite Directory have been running partly on https for sometime but mostly this has been working on the registration pages and login pages to make sure they are secure for you when you login or register with us.
What does this mean for us?
Hopefully nothing but I am sure some will find a link going to a 404 page (page not found) please don't give up but hit the home button or add https:// to address bar eg or for the campsite directory Touring and Tenting -
All articles, classifieds, video pages etc have been running fully on https for the last couple of months
Forum has been running registration pages on https
All can run on https so from now on please use or bookmark
T&T Campsite Directory - Login and registration pages have been running on https for a few months now
Campsite listings have been running on http will now run on https
Please use or bookmark
So in short I hope you continue to find us as you would expect but if you don't try the above or Contact us, we are always here.