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When they were first introduced the forums were full of Beauclaire V Cadac and on rallies Beauclaire became very popular but Cadac were always lurking and ready to take Beauclaire on and I am pretty to safe to say that Cadac won that battle. 

We decided in our wisdom to purchase a Beauclaire at the NEC caravan show that year, 2004/5? and then started hearing people say they were too heavy or they had drilled a hole and added an oil drip pan because the oil build up on the griddle had nowhere to go etc and people started swapping to the Cadac that had all the extras and worked really well generally (Although the Beauclaire works better when conditions are windy in my humble opinion of course) 

As for us we still have our Beauclaire in its original design in that we have no hole drilled in it or any other modification and we still use it on nearly every trip, except in the winter months of course. Sorry I slipped into the Royal "we use it" as opposed to I use it.

But to get to the question I would like to know is "Do you have still have a Beauclaire?" albeit the original heavy one like mine or the newer lighter version or did you opt for the Cadac. You might even have shunned them all in favour of a traditional BBQ or electric grill or something entirely different.

PS that chicken was getting a tad close