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Got a new caravan and awning or a new awning and have no clue how to put it up? We would like to offer some help with our very popular awning instruction downloads.

We have been collecting the instructions for several years and they have been downloaded thousands of times. They are mainly Trio Family instructions but don't let that put you off as awnings are all very similar to erect and if you haven't got a Trio these may be a good guide to the basics.

You can download them from here Caravan Awning Instructions Just fill in your email address and the download link will be sent to you.

Below are a few rough and ready tips to putting your awning up as I see it. You may have other methods or disagree IF SO please feel free to post your comments below, we would love to hear from you with your tips and possibly tricks to putting up an awning

  1. Stay calm, take time to read the instructions if you have them and take a good look at all the component parts (Don't be afraid to ask other campers for help)
  2. Layout the ground sheet and peg it down, you can also run in the awning skirt at this stage if you wish
  3. Ideally get yourself a cool drink, I find a beer always helps
  4. Seperate all the poles and lay them out
  5. Try to identify roof pols and sockets, (some roof poles have a hook that hooks into the awning clips) front/middle poles and sockets and get them into a rough order on the ground sheet. You should now see a pattern, does it look right?
  6. Thread the awning through the awning rail (If your awning has unzippable panels remove them first as it make the awning a lot more managable) I have always run the awning rear to front. Tip: Spray some  Silcone lubricant on the rail
  7. With the awning hanging down the side of the caravan, go behind it and fit the awning roof pole clips into the rail, leave them loose until you have everything in place.
  8. Now lift the awning the awning and fit the front upgright and lift, leave it at a slight angle as it will be more stable.
  9. Now fit the front to rear roof pole clipping it into the awning clip you fitted earlier and slotting into the front upright socket. You should now have a bit of room to move about inside the awning now.
  10. Another person to steady things about now is a good idea especially if it is breezy, but one person can fit an awning.
  11. Some awnings have a channel top front to house the horizontal poles, if so thread the horizontal poles through (just do one side) slot it into the center pole 3 way socket and one of the corner sockets then slot in the corner upright pole and leave it at the same angle as the middle upright pole. 
  12. Again fit the front to rear roof pole clipping it into the awning clip you fitted earlier and slotting into the front corner upright socket
  13. Repeat the process for the other corner.
  14. You can now fasten the awning to the poles using whatever method your awning provides.
  15. Lift each of the poles into an upgright position, make sure all are upright and the roof poles are straight and fasten the awning roof pole clips. (some older awnings have suction pads)
  16. I put a few pegs in about now as they are handy if the wind picks up and it frees you up for another drink.
  17. You can now start to tension the poles, start with the front ones (Fit the panels you removed at the begining) get the height as you want it then tension the front to back poles
  18. Get pegging down but as you do so check that you are not over stretching anything, check the zips of the panels open and shut easily but at the same time the awning looks nice and tight. Tip: Invest in a storm strap it will be the best couple of quid you have spent especially with awnings costing hundreds of pounds.
  19. If you do fit a storm strap, twist it several times as it you pass it over the roof, this stops that horrible flapping noise when its windy

Consider the weather when deciding on fitting an awning, if it is really windy either don't bother or enlist the help of other campers to hold everything down, broken poles or torn fabric is no fun.

Note: There are many ways to fit an awning and awning makes vary a bit so make sure you follow the manufacturers instructions if you have them