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Love them or hate them if there is ever a topic that will get campers going it's the windbreak. Why? I don't know although some people surround their caravans or motorhomes with them like small fortifucations but that is their choice and why not!

But gone are the days when the windbreak was blue, yellow and red stripes you can now have a whole range of colours and patterns. I have the leaf pattern myself and have had for a fair few years now but was supprised to see there are even more more now, one even called Biohazard.

Designed in the UK by OLPRO we have a fantastic range of windbreaks and all produced from quality materials with unique designs, designed by OLPRO

The range runs from the Picket fence (blue and white) to the LEINWAND a classic windbreak with vision panels, but in between you have some real stand out ones as shown below.

My caravan with the Laurel Hedge Windbreak

My caravan with the Laurel Hedge Windbreak


Beach Huts (Cover Photo)


So if you fancy a change check out the rest of the range at OlPro

If you are looking for something more traditional. Go Outdoors produce a good range 

Go Outdoors Hi Gear

Go Outdoors Freedom

Go Outdoors Quest

Go Outdoors Vango

Visit Go Outdoors to view the whole range

Finally if you crave the good old blue red and yellow stripes, fear not you can still get them for around about £20 good value if you want a windbreak that just does the job without the glitz

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