Accidental Damage Is Biggest Cause of Settled Caravan Claims

Accidental damage was the most common reason for caravan insurance claims settled during 2017 and 2018, according to in-house statistics* put together by The Insurance Emporium.  These kind of claims can often be relatively expensive, with the average claim totalling £1,789.

 Mishaps ranged from caravans becoming unhitched during towing through to caravan wheels flying off down the road.  One claimant forgot to put the handbrake on after unhitching – with the caravan ending up in the road†.  Misjudging height barriers, gateposts and walls all caused problems too, as did towing along uneven road surfaces. 

 Theft of caravans from storage sites was the second biggest reason for claim payouts, with £9,000 paid out on average.  Some thieves went to extremes, even cutting a hole in a hedge to steal a caravan before dragging it across a stream on a makeshift bridge and then along fields to reach the road.

 Fire was the third biggest reason for settled claims, with an average payout sum of almost £10,000.  From faulty boilers and fridges to suspected arson, causes of fire were not always predictable.  The highest single payment made during 2017 and 2018 was due to a caravan fire, and this was for a scorching £34,000.     

 Storm damage was the fourth highest reason for settled claims; in fifth place was theft from the policyholder’s address. 

  Chief Executive Officer Francis Martin said:

 “As with other pastimes, accidents can and do occasionally happen when out and about with your caravan.  There are lots of measures caravan owners can take to increase safety and reduce caravan-related accidents.  Familiarity with hitch mechanisms, attending courses on safe towing and servicing the caravan regularly are all a good start.

 Our award-nominated° caravan insurance has been designed to provide peace of mind so that you can enjoy your caravanning experiences to the full rather than worrying about what could happen.” 

*In house statistics follow, derived from caravan insurance claims paid out by The Insurance Emporium and E&L during 2017-2018: Top 5 such claims by brand of caravan

Claims paid out by The Insurance Emporium and E&L during 2017-2018: top 10 reasons for claims paid out and average payout amount:

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