A new study reveals the best caravans and campervans for a UK staycation

As the days of holidaying abroad seem to be moved further away from Brits’ radars, the attraction of relaxing within the UK has begun for holidaymakers. Whether it’s a soothing spa holiday or an adventure trip packed with activities, holidays in the UK are on people’s minds… not that we have much of a choice, right?

Holidaymakers around the country are realising that this is the summer of campervan and caravan road trips. But with the freedom to drive from site to site and carry all the luggage you could ever dream of, how do you go about picking the right campervan for you? 

Gumtree has pulled together research looking into some of the most popular campervans and caravans to help staycation seekers decide what’s best for them and their families. 

You can view the full study here: https://www.gumtree.com/info/cars/the-best-campervans-and-caravans-for-uk-staycations/

The Top 10 Campervans for a UK Staycation

aking the crown as the best campervan for a UK staycation is the Zefiro 685. Combining its size and hosting capabilities alongside the price and running costs, we’ve found it offers the best of both worlds. 

Despite not being the cheapest in the study (a dealbreaker for many of course), it does give the opportunity to sleep 5 guests, while travelling an impressive 615.93 miles on a single tank.

One of the cheaper options (by cheaper we mean less expensive…) you can pick is the Mercedes Sprinter. With average prices sitting at £28,490.50, it’s £21,000 cheaper than the Zefiro 685 but still provides a good spec. 

With toilet and cooking facilities, able to sleep 4 guests and travelling more than 600 miles on a fuel tank it’ll attract many. What holds it back however is its size. An important feature for some depending on your preferences.

The Top 10 Caravans for a UK Staycation

or those looking to buy a caravan on a budget, rather than a campervan, there are a few factors that are important when making the final decision: berth numbers and vehicle size. We looked at the best caravans in that regard, along with costs, to give an overall ranking.

We found that the Adria Altea 622DK Avon gave the best package in terms of price and size. Costing on average £20,495, it sits in the middle price range of all the caravans in the study, while also offering six berths – the joint highest number. With a vehicle volume of 48.92 square metres, it’s also very competitive in terms of overall space and size.

However, if size is your number one priority, the Compass Casita 868 could be your best choice. Ranking second in the study, the caravan offers a vehicle volume of 52.07 square metres – the biggest of the 15. With six berths as well and a price average of £24,919, it provides a lot for its cost – value for money at its finest. 

You can view the full study here: https://www.gumtree.com/info/cars/the-best-campervans-and-caravans-for-uk-staycations/

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