British company new curvy caravan

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British company invents the world's first CURVY caravan Cathy Chamberlain is one of the first female caravan designers in the world Partnering with Watsonian Squire, the Barefoot van took 3 years to perfect

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I don't think Ms Chamberlain is very well travelled, for something to be" invented " it surely has to be something never seen before..

There is hardly anything in caravans today that is new ! and certainly a fibreglass " curvy " body isn't new, they are as old as the fifties and sixties and still can be seen on sites today esp' in Holland. I remember seeing an old laid up Carlight Nr the Youlgreave CCC site it had a rock n roll pull out bed on castors, the bottom of the settee seating pulls out and the back slides down, I thought what a brilliant idea. We can also remember a fold down bed from a side cabinet ( I think it was Fleetwood tried something similar not so long ago where the bed folded down from the rear wall ).Click for Options This is a pic I took of a " curvy " 'van taken only a couple of weeks ago when at a local to us site Camping Hautibus, Argenton les Vallees. pulled by a Moggy Minor convertible.

Happy caravanning, indoors.

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Looks nice and "twee" feels like one of the early "Sprites" 400? but with modern shapes and colours- I would like to have seen more of the interior i.e. bathroom- toilet and also views of the front of the van- We got the internal length of 12.3 feet but nothing about the weight or electrics - what chassis is it on etc.

The price of £21000 was a bit steep as well.

But don't knock it at least we have someone thinking outside of the box and that cant be bad. Just more details required.



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