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    Advertise with us

    We have an open policy for our advertising and statistics

    You have access to your own ad control panel where you can view your adverts and statistics and other information plus you get an advertisers report emailed to you every week.

    Why advertise with Touring and Tenting?

    • You can contact us by phone or email to discuss any part of your advert
    • Your advert will have up to the minute statistics that you can see with access to your own control panel. Statistics are emailed to you every week, month whatever you prefer
    • You will be advertising to an active community of caravanners and campers that actually buy your products or services
    • We are a growing caravanning and camping website established in 2003
    • You can have whatever type of advert you wish eg gif,jpeg,html,flash etc and any size excluding sky scrappers which cannot be used on our forums
    • With each advert you get an entry in the directory and an article on our home page
    • You can pay online using either a credit card or PayPal or by cheque or invoice.

    If you want to advertise with us please follow the links below.


    If you would like to disucss any of the above or any other type of advertsing please contact us either by telephone 01702 611208 or email

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      By MONTYSA · Posted
      Hi Must add Rexton is not as good as S Max solo as S Max drives like a sports car. Better than my Isuzu solo but I am pleased with Rexton solo did not expect it to match S Max solo performance. Happy Caravanning Monty
    • Globally and Off line too
      By klyne · Posted
      This is just one of several previously busy forums that has slowed down, 365, caravans4you. caravan channel and probably others which I no longer look at to name a few. Caravan Talk and UKCampsites are still reasonably busy as is the Caravan Club forum but not the C&CC forum. I belong to a Bailey Motorhome Owner Group on Facebook which has almost a 1000 members and that is quite busy but its a dam awful way of finding things that weren't posted in the last two days. This sort of forum is better but as Gray suggests further up it is the Social Media side that is growing but not providing a very satisfactory way of keeping track. David
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