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    • New and need some advice
      By shipbroker · Posted
      If I was in a similar situation I would be hopping from Municipal to Municipal where nightly rental is low and includes EHU normally. Don't think think the OP is ever likely to be in the Motorhome arena...   geoff
    • New and need some advice
      By Gray · Posted
      Agree here with Surfer totally  you are limited to a certain payload for your caravan so carrying extra kilo's of useless waste is just that useless  remember water weighs around 1 kilo per litre  Our caravan has 207kg total payload out of the 1307kg max permissible weight - 207kg is not a lot at all and easy to go over if you're not careful You would need around 150W worth of solar panels MINIMUM and at least 2 110AMP batteries (remember payload this eats into it as well  You could always use suitcase style panels and put them in the car to travel as you could if you needed with the waste water until you can throw it away  ALSO across France there are thousands of aires that you can not use with a caravan but can with a motorhome they cost nothing for one night only and there are also hundreds of Farm sites where motorhomes are allowed for a few nights for little or no cost - there are similar sites in Spain too as well as lots of beachside stops some on the beach too so to tour Europe with a caravan you are very limited although in France you have their municipal network a motorhome is the real way to go (Wish I had money to afford one)
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