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The new Bailey Unicorn - the complete picture

Jul 21 2014 12:00 AM | markf in News

What makes the new Unicorn different?

* A top-of-the-range line-up in a choice of eight best-selling layouts suitable for both couples and small families

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Brakes Coppice Park, Battle, East Sussex

Jul 21 2014 12:00 AM | sonjaf in Campsite of the day

The coarse fishing lake is small but well stocked

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Technical Centre

Thetford Fridge N90EH

  Everything but the door I'm afraid  I've already been there looks like I may need a breakers yard to get a new door after all the fridge design is over 10 years old now  good l...

Photo kimosabiPosted  Jul 21 2014 07:06 PM Viewed 170 times

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Travel and holidays

Archie's Campsite POI's - free update available

Thanks David.  They're all in the Garmin now - when I search for our town and then the 'Lodgings' (!!!!) POI, the nearest site comes up so I presume the French ones will, in an area around w...

Photo Grandad GrahamPosted  Today, 07:11 PM Viewed 202 times

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Royal Umpire Caravan Park, Near Preston, Lancashire

barrons site originally I seem to remember as we got two superpitch vouchers when bought a new van from them.....still got them   Geoff

Photo shipbrokerPosted  Today, 05:08 PM Viewed 26 times

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Hobbies and Lifestyle

Tour de France

In forum Cycling
Finding it great so far and will catch up later with stage 3 but 1+2 were great. Just amazed at the speeds and how close fans get

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Mass in Running Order (MRO or MIRO)

The empty weight of the caravan as delivered when new but excluding dealer fitted equipment and extras such as gas cylinders, bike rack and sparewheel carrier. Is used w........

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