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Beadnell Bay Caravan Park, Beadnell Bay, Northu...

Nov 20 2014 12:00 AM | sonjaf in Campsite of the day

Open all year with views of the bay

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Woodland View Touring Park, Horam, East Sussex

Nov 18 2014 12:00 AM | sonjaf in Campsite of the day

Adults only park which is open all year

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Technical Centre


Not had it done almost did on the first van but SWMBO decided to exchange instead but I do know from a very knowledgable local repairer NEVER EVER part do it   to seal a side it must ALL be do...

Photo Grandad GrahamPosted  Today, 05:57 PM Viewed 103 times

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Travel and holidays

Campsites near Spa, Belgium

I understand that Camping Eau Rouge is right by the circuit. Trouble is that if you are going to an event at the circuit they might be fully booked.   David

Photo klynePosted  Today, 07:38 PM Viewed 61 times

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Campsites near Spa, Belgium

Thank you Alan  

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Auto-Route Mapping

In forum Computer Corner
I have just got a new PC as the other one faded. On the other one I had the programme called Auto-Route -- Does any one still use this ?   Prior to having Google maps and all the other map programs and Sat Nav I used to use it exclusively when planning holiday routes both here and abroa...

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Folding Caravan

A clever design as they are often lightweight and can be stored in a garage and towed behind smaller cars. The folding caravan has collapsable side and end walls that........

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