Normally found on European campsites but has been found in the UK Reverse Polarity is when the live is wired to the netural and netural wired to the live.


    Everything will still work but it can be dangerous if there is a fault on an appliance as the applance could still be live.


    The link below gives a guide to making your own reverse polarity lead, see also reverse polarity tester


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    THe main reason it is so dangerous in UK caravans is that in older ones we only switch the live wire at outlets 

    European vans switch both live and neutral at their outlets so it doesn't matter to them when switched off it is off irrespective - in some ways European wiring is better than ours in others less so 

    ALL of our plugs carry a fuse whereas European plugs do not so any problem doesn't just isolate the appliance it disrupts the whole circuit

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    Sorry Mark - your pressing of the test button did not break the continuity of this post.... :jump:

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    Should have added for all you newbies out there you can NOT buy these leads as technically they are unnecessary here

    There is  a minute chance you will find one reverse wired pitch

    AND you probably will not find any abroad either as they just do not need them having dual pole switches 

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