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    The basic empty weight of the car in running order. The kerbweight includes the sparewheel, jack, battery and all necessary fluids plus a tank full of petrol, but not the towbar. Recent changes to European regulations require kerbweight to include 75 kg for the driver and his luggage. Some manufacturers are stating the revised kerbweight in their 2004 brochures.

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    • Fiat 500X
      By Green Squirrel · Posted
      Surfer the OP has a 500X which is a bit different to a 500
    • Fiat 500X
      By Surfer · Posted
      I must admit I would not even consider towing with a Fiat 500 even if the caravan was within the capability of the vehicle.  If you hit a cross wind or overtaken by a large vehicle, then the fun and games could start as I feel the footprint of the car is too small for stability, but that is just my opinion. 
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