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    The basic empty weight of the car in running order. The kerbweight includes the sparewheel, jack, battery and all necessary fluids plus a tank full of petrol, but not the towbar. Recent changes to European regulations require kerbweight to include 75 kg for the driver and his luggage. Some manufacturers are stating the revised kerbweight in their 2004 brochures.

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      I like Monty, I know what you mean about some of the presenters, enjoy the show though just wish I had tickets
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      Anyone see Monty at the show on royal day He needs to have a serious word with his tailor , looks like he borrowed his suit from Worzal Gummage Then later seeing him sitting with Grason Perry , got me thinking Aunt Sally had turned up to see Worzal  , Also watching the show , a realisation came to me about what irritated me about modern presentation styles A Radio 1 presenter ( forgot her name ) was talking about her gardening , well at least I think that is what she was talking about , she was spitting words at a machine gun rate and my ears could not keep up with her . Later Joe Swift came back on and spoke in a measured and clear way easily understood and absorbed . The realisation is ,that now days on radio and yoof TV p,resenters seem to  have to gabble at top speed Hence , I struggle to listen to Radio 1  , and 2 sometimes , LBC  just to pick a few. Must get new batteries for my ears !          
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