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    A Frame

    The "A" shaped metal frame at the front of the caravan that is attached to the chassis and which has the towing hitch attached at the other. The A Frame is used to house your handbrake and jockey wheel as well as the hitch

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    • One trip european breakdown cover
      By skinhead · Posted
      Having suffered breakdowns abroad a couple of times I would recommend CC's Red pennant let me qualify this preference . If your car breaks down while you are away from your van sight seeing ,most car based breakdown ins will not pick up or recover the caravan as they will only recover both if the van is attached to the car at the time of breakdown. Also they will not repatriate the car or caravan if the recovery cost is more than the MARKET value of THE CAR In my case being a belt & braces type I had Red pennant as well as being covered by CSMA'S Britannia premium cover & Green Flag as part of my banks cover .We broke down in Morocco ,starter motor kaput.Green flag & Britannia could /would not help.         but Red pennant arranged for a mechanic to meet us at the next campsite coming home the car packed up in Madrid with engine trouble .Britannia got us to a Citroen garage ,but as the quoted repair bill was in excess of 7800euro & the cars market value (a 2003 2.2 Citroen C5) was only £500 they could not help ,except to pay out the market value , & i would have to pay to get the van home. Green flag was the same . How ever Red Pennant arranged for the car & caravan to be repatriated home & a hire car for us to travel to Santander & rearranged our ferry & paid for hotels . on return to the UK we had a hire car for 2 weeks while our car was in the garage being repaired. The Spanish main dealer had charged 160E for the diagnostic But caused damage to 2 injectors & the diesel rail heater system & had left the engine in bits in the boot .The repairs in the UK came to £1200 but this included a new clutch as it was prudent to replace it while the engine was out . I repeat that the Spanish MAIN CITROEN dealer had quoted 7800e for this repair. So if you are towing & need a comprehensive breakdown cover use a dedicated caravan cover such as CC or C&CC PS I have also been covered by the German company ADAC which are very good but would not have covered the above scenario     
    • One trip european breakdown cover
      By dillon200 · Posted
      Ok Guys thanks for the reply's, to answer some points I am not a member of any club or clubs I have never needed them (till now maybe). I have vehicle insurance which covers towing inc European cover so Im all good if I have a prang. The caravan is insures separately as usual. What im looking for is Breakdown cover to repatriate both vehicle and caravan in ANY event ie: breakdown or accident. I have RAC cover which does this if im in the UK but to extend it to the EU was reticules because they only offered a full years cover when I only need One trip of 12days.    
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