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    A Frame

    The "A" shaped metal frame at the front of the caravan that is attached to the chassis and which has the towing hitch attached at the other. The A Frame is used to house your handbrake and jockey wheel as well as the hitch

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      Could be 2 other ones as well. No clues though but they were stonking good
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      2 - Greenhill Farm, Bletchingdon - New Year 2006/7 3 - Briarfields, Cheltenham New Year, 2007/8 5 - Brynawelon, Sarnau Easter 2006 6 - Mill Farm, Bridgwater, Whitsun 2007 8 - Cheddar, Whitsun 2004 & 2005 13 - Cromer, New Year 2003/4 & 2004/5   That'll do for starters - somebody else can have a go  
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