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Reverse Polarity

Normally found on European campsites but has been found in the UK Reverse Polarity is when the live is wired to the netural and netural wired to the live.Everything will still work but it can be dangerous if there is a fault on an appliance as the applance could still be live.The link below gives a guide to making your own reverse polarity lead,... John Wickersham

Reverse Polarity Tester

These are simple to use and cheap devices to test the electrics in your caravan or motorhome when connected to a bollard at a campsite.

They can be purchased locally for under £15

Recreational vehicle - RV

More widly used in the US the term Recreational vehicle or RV means a vehicle used for holidays or short breaks which is equiped with sleeping, eating and cooking facilities. The term caravan, motorhome or camper is more widely used in the UK

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