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A 2 or 4 wheeled trailer that is towed by a car or van and that can be lived in for short or long periods.

Caravans comprise normally of a livings/sleeping area, kitchen and washing areas.

Modern caravans are equiped with gas/electric heating, mains and battery lighting, mains power, hot water systems, microwaves and much more

Caravan Essential Habitation Equipment

Similar to Personnel Effects Payload but for water and gas, is part of the User Payload Mike

Caravan Optional Equipment

Items such as sparewheel, bike rack, stabiliser and battery fitted by the dealer or owner, is also part of the User Payload. Mike

Caravan Personnel Effects Payload

A standard allowance for the weight of personnel items such as clothes bedding, food, crockery and cooking utensils. The standard is based on the number of beds and caravan length, the intention is to make for easier comparisons. Is part of the User Payload Mike

Caravan User Payload

Found by subtracting the MRO from the MTPLM. Is the total amount of equipment, clothing. food etc the user can put in, or on, the caravan Mike


A term used for people that own and use a caravan or touring caravan

Cassette Toilet

A toilet used in caravans and motorhomes that is fixed permanently and collect soil and waste water is a "Cassette" that can be removed and emptied in a chemical disposal point.Cassette Toilets also have a tank for holding fresh flushing water and have either an electric or manual flush, plus a handy indicator light to show when the cass...

Certificated Locations - CL

Certificated Locations are small 5 caravan or motorhomes sites approved by the Caravan Club for Caravan Club members only

See Certificated Sites for the Camping and Caravanning Club equivalent

Certificated Site - CS

A Certificated Site or CS is a campsite that can take upto 5 caravans or motorhomes. Certificated Sites are approved by the Camping and Caravanning Club

See Certificated Locations for the Caravan Club

Chemical Disposal Point

Or sometimes called an Elsan disposal point and is used to empty your chemical toilet into.

Corner steadies

These are wind down legs that are used to steady a caravan or motorhome once it is level

Note that they are not designed to be used to level a caravan or motorhome. Doing so can cause damage


The NCC Caravan Registration and Identification SchemeCRiS is the NCC’s official national database for touring caravans. Introduced in 1992, CRiS holds important information on all UK caravans manufactured since that time, as well as many older caravans registered by their owners under the CRiS ‘Pre-92’ facility. CRiS is also t... National Caravan Council

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