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X7 Zig unit not charging the leisure battery... NEW...



HI Guys & Girls

Just read a lot about the X7 Zig unit and compatible replacements.

As an Ex-RAF vehicle technician, knowledge and confidence is high, so will attempt to diagnose and repair, rather than replace.

Only had the van a couple of months and still getting to grips with all the on-board items. I have 'some' paperwork regarding the X7 but... The paperwork shows the unit having 3 needle meters, whereas mine has only 1 (water tank level).  The vehicle is a 1996 Peugeot Boxer Auto-sleeper camper van and I am 'Wild Camping' with a Kipor generator as a last resort. I have a volt meter and have been doing some continuity checks and voltage readings. 

THE PROBLEM: The leisure battery is only being charged by the vehicle alternator (14V) so, once arrived at my demolition site and park up for the week and use the 'blown air' heating system, the battery is being flattened within 2 days (I know the battery is suspect and does need changing) but I don't want to do that before finding out why it is not being charged by the generator or hook-up (I read the zig charger, under the bed compartment, next to oven) may have an internal fuse? Haven't removed it yet. When connected to the generator, I have power to the illuminated master switch (under the sink) and the RCD next to it, but the 'GREEN' charge on lamp on the Zig panel does not, as has never illuminated ( I was thinking it might just be that the lamp isn't working...  but the voltmeter doesn't change from 12.7V, even tried the 'water heater master switch in case they had been mislabelled). There are 6 internal fuses in the Zig panel (above the rear doors) and all have continuity, as does the 30 amp fuse next to the relays in the leisure battery compartment. The circuit diagram in the manual I have ( not sure if the manual is correct for the unit) shows connections that differ from the actual ones on the van (I will need to measure the output voltages, if any). Sorry it's a bit long winded, but in my experience, the fuller the information about the problem, the less to-ing and fro-ing is needed.

Thanks in advance to all you camping enthusiasts.

Kindest regards






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The first thing to check is the actual charging unit plugged into the mains. They normally have a lead with a three pin socket, like a kettle lead, going into the back and a 13amp plug on the other end, worth checking they are both fully home.

After that it is a matter of getting inside the unit.

You could use a separate charger for the time being.


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Thanks Ian, will check.


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