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Result with Thetford flush!


Posted (edited)

Went to use the toilet flush on our 250 electric last weekend only to find it no worky!

Pushed button lots and plenty of flush on board. Checked fuse was good (already had to replace with waterproof inline fuse holder previously). All good...

Hmm, so watched the various vids online but didn't instill confidence and anyway, had to narrow the search down first.

Voltage at reed switch, and after removing adhesive switch panel cover deduced I had 12v coming up at connector. Pushing the switch showed no volts at pump feed on connector.

Blast! PCB then? Yes, but not what I first imagined. Obviously I thought dead component but once I looked at it under my soldering magnifying glass I could see the tracks where the wiring block connects was in bad shape. Very worn out with evidence of possible high resistance. Cleaned up, wiped some solder back over them and hey presto! The flush worked again.

Rather pleased with that. :)

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