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Brakes locking on reversing



Twin axles ... with Alko brakes,.

Driving fwd bakes fine, hand brake fine .... so pretty sure brake adjustment at drums all OK.

When I reverse (esp if up incline) brakes lock on.

If I decouple the hitch, and push manually will go backwards fine ... so it must be related to the push rod activation  .... and whatever it does to Alko reverse override.

Any suggestions ?


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That pdf is incredibly badly written, I did have that, I also have Indespension manual.

The brake adjustments are as described... I.e. adjuster advanced until she’ll locks then back off until free.

The Autoreverse cam & spring are not removed or adjusted (there is none) during a service.

when hand brake activates handle is in 90 degree position.

if you have any suggestions glad to receive them.


 Maybe linkage rod needs adjustement will look at that today .... but as braked handle is at 90 degrees book says it’s correct.

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Posted (edited)

Try reversing by starting from the level in one unhesitating move; that IME best ensures that the reversing cams do what is intended.

Issues seem to be related to the van rolling forward against the towball, just as it "over runs"  to apply the brakes as intended in normal forward motion.

If you don't allow that braking to relax then they are quite reticent to allow the reversing cams to "trip".

Probably not adjusting them up too keenly allows a bit of space for the cams to trip as intended?

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Been reversing this trailer up this drive for 4 years ... it has a run on horizontal before the incline.

Jacked it up yesterday ... al 4 wheels totally free .. no drag at all, apply handbrake and all lock up.

Depending what you read gives different advice ... but with handbrake off if I try pulling Bowden wires .. there is no play, manual says to have 6 - 8mm.   So would need to slacken off rod where it joins compensator.  Rusted solid, tried release fluid .. even heat would not budge it.

Have ordered new rods and will cut off the old one, and fit new rod, and connector at compensator and new Clevis pin assembly at hitch end. Set up as per manual and try again.


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We had this on our new caravan and didn’t know what the problem was we took it to our dealer because we thought it was the motor mover locking . But they said that was not possible . Then they said it could be the ATC locking . We don’t know why but thought it was over sensitive I had also noticed my brakes coming on when driving over any uneven surface . It is fine now . I don’t know if they altered or adjusted it slightly . But it hasn’t happened Since. 

we had been told if it did happen to just unplug the electrics and re plug then so it would reset itself .

i don the know if this would be the same on yours being a twin axle .

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