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Trailer Tent Water pump query



I have a Raclet Safari, with the rear mounted kitchen unit. The unit has a sink with a tap and a fitting to connect a hose. What is the best option to get as a water pump to enable us to use this feature?

Useful information is that we currently have  no 12 volt system. We currently use a collapsible water carrier as space is at a premium. 


Any suggestions?

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Whale foot pump?

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Cheers. Pretty much the conclusion I'd come to.

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      Well thank you! This was a warm welcome! 
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      Similar to the Aquaroll the Water Hog Is a strong and durable water carrier has a large 50 litre capacity with side and top filling options. It also has a large opening in the top that

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      The wastemaster is made of strong plastic with a moulded handle and inlets for waste water at both ends, The top inlet allowing it to be filled to it's maximum of 38 litres and the lower inlet allowing the lighter 30 litre option.


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