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Wintering the van



Brought the van back from France early this year and we did go out twice since our return but the decided that we would pack it up for this year.

First main task was emptying the van

We took EVERYTHING out of the van even toilet rolls.

All on the floor of the garage. -- wow what a pile of stuff

Then went through all the electrics - cleaned all the lights and checked bulbs etc.

Next the cooker - It was Grotty -- cleaned and cleaned and finaly polished it all. All burners and oven and grill working well.

Next the toilet -- This was in the least a challenge -- the micro switch under the push button had broken stripped out ALL the insides of the flush chamber - it was filthy black replaced the switch. cleaned all the bowl with Thetford plastic cleaner -- really works.

Shower done and head soaked in vinegar to get off any lime scale deposits.

Finaly bees waxed all the wood work throughout the van

Even though I say it my self it looked GRAND!!

Next the out side.To much for me

So called in Paul of Tourershine -- [he is a member here ..]

He arrived and cleaned and polished the outside and the roof and the van looked like new - both inside and out.

Finaly managed to put on the cover from Cover Systems of Rushden - only to find that I had lost one of the straps for under the van. Rang them up -- no problem - next day got another -- Free of charge

Great service.

Connected the electrics to the plug in the garage and checked battery etc.

All water drained down. Even the Toilet!!!

Parked up the van. As the cover has a zippable door popped in it felt great and I thought if all goes wrong I could move in here!!wine.gif orbeak.gif

Put the legs down and put axle stands under the axle just to take the weight from the wheels

So van away for the winter -- looking forward to early spring when we can be off again.

Maurice & Mary

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Well although I do not want to do it as I would love to get out around New Year

I don't use the axle stands as we do move the caravan every couple of weeks

Maurice one thing I found a few years ago that the Toilet blue and Bowl rinse react to cause the black in the tank We filled the tank and added some Oxy which left the tank clean so I stopped using the Bowl rinse and not had the black scale build up since

Another big clean that I do is rig up a hose on the drain and fill them up separately (Got 2 drains) with HOT water and the OXY again and leave for 10 minutes then drain and rinse each of them and use a kitchen roll filter in a garden sieve to catch any solids - - - you would not believe the amount of ***p that comes out

So all I have left to do is find an ignition box for the heater at less than the £59 they come at and am looking for a new hot water system and we are considering a Solar panel for the roof

Oh yes

the caravan is nicely tucked up in it's own shed powered up and warm with the heating on for frost protection

the outside is nicely polished with a waterless car polish which has Carnauba wax in (£4.99 the range ) and looks really good the mud from last weekend just brushed off

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Graham -- Thanks forgot about the sink plug holes and drains three of them WHB - Shower and Sink

-- forgot GRRR ohmy.png

Usually stop up the bottoms and fill up with washing soda then pour kettles of boiling water in and let them stand --

Will do it -- as they will smell if you don't -..

Thanks. again

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