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Retensioning Flyscreens



Anyone tried and is it easy/hard and are there any diagrams knocking about?

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The manual says REMIjoy combination window blinds

Tried to adjust the top screw but it didn't seem to want to adjust and I didn't want to force it but maybe I should

Did you try pushing the screw in first

to tension the blinds you push the screw in then turn it otherwise it doesn't turn

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Hi Mark,

It's incredibly easy.. or at least it was when I did one last year.

Remove complete blind from the 'van.

To do this carefully remove the plastic end plates/corners.

Once you have access to the blinds and you effectively just rewind some tension into them.

Replace them back into the 'van. and re fit the plastic ends/corners.

I was very surprised as to how easy it was.

Good luck,



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Many thanks Graham, I will let you know as i am going to give it a go at the weekend

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Some don't even need removing if you can get to the top corners, You don't say what make of blinds there are different types,, And some turn different ways to tighten.

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The manual says REMIjoy combination window blinds

REMIflair blinds are delivered with the correct
amount of tension in the spring. However, it may
be necessary in the future to adjust the spring.
On the left hand side of the cassette you will find
two tensioning screws. The top one is for the fly
screen and the lower screw is for the sun screen.
Rotate clockwise 1 or 2 turns until the correct
tension is reached. The blinds should rewind
without stopping or in a sluggish manner. Take
care no to over tighten the spring.

Tried to adjust the top screw but it didn't seem to want to adjust and I didn't want to force it but maybe I should

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Thanks all, tried it and no problems, the ones at the front are a bit more tricky as they are so close together, but all done now.2thumbsup.gif

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