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When we decide to go away we often start with something we want to visit, for instance we wanted to see Pou Du Fuy one year so we looked for a campsite around it and found it very difficult to find some.

Also when we went to the Dordogne in 2010 or Belgium last year we wanted to know what we could see in the area and which campsites again we could use

With that in mind T&T are doing articles to help, we now have top attractions in Paris but this is just the start there are lots more articles being done to help with all kinds of tourism with camping in mind

And don't think the UK is left out, there will be lots to read there too

And the first of our articles for specific tourism areas is on with Nantes a City transformed by Art

Anyway thats the reasons behind it all, just hoping that folks find it useful, there are new forums here

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    • ATC problems
      By shipbroker · Posted
      Well I wouldn't have thought that boarding a ferry was any different from a potholed road myself....and I did have the ATC come on often on them,but never so that they couldn''t be released. geoff  
    • ATC problems
      By nor · Posted
      we have just come back from our trip . Caravan towed with no problems . our last caravan had ATC on it and we never had a problem towing in this country or in Europe , on and off ferries . when we away three weeks ago we couldn't move the van with the motor mover .we were able to tow to go away . So on our return took it straight to dealer . Because we would be unable park it in our storage site with out the mover . We thought the fault was the mover.  So they kept the van and adjusted it. We picked it up from the dealer and have been away until yesterday.  We arrived at storage and unplugged it from car . But it wouldn't move with the mover . It would go backwards and side ways but not forward.  We couldn't put on the  wheel clamp . Tried to hitch it and pull with car but it was locked. We went to our dealer. Speaking to their engineer . He said it's not the mover it has to be the ATC . We tried to carry out a few things as advised . But this didn't work . We have arranged for them to come to our storage site now. i did e mail Alko . Explaining  that we would be towing to Europe in the spring and what will happen if it locks on route or on the ferry . Alko e mailed me back and said the dealer needs to sort out our problem but advised me that when going on to ferry I need to unplug the ATC  due to movement of ship and going over ramps to board.  I can't believe this . And wondered if anyone else does this or has had a problem. after a sleepless night thinking about it we were able to release it and get it moving . But we are now concerned about this happening again when on the road or if going on a ferry . We shall ask if it can go back in for a diagnostic check . my question is do you unplug your ATC when boarding a ferry . To prevent locking .  
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