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    • End of the road for the Mondeo?
      By nor · Posted
      Yes a sad fact . my last three cars were mondeos .i loved the last one a 2.2 TDCI it had a slot for 6 cds which I loved . the one before was a Ghia estate built in sat nav. and the one before just basic .  All brilliant tow cars.  I have changed to a Kuga automatic . It is no where near as nice as my mondeo . The boot is small I’m not happy with it at all . I just keep comparing it . But it does tow very well.  I just have to get used to it I suppose unles can find a 3 year old top of the range one . The only one I saw last year was over 20K and bright red I couldn’t afford that and couldn’t have lived with the colour .   
    • End of the road for the Mondeo?
      By rslsys · Posted
      I think the MK 3 Cortina was the first one I drove. It was a rental car from Aberdeen Airport. It was the first car I had encountered which had a single key for door and ignition, not to mention the first car I had driven with a steering lock. On the key ring was a short length of thick, stiff copper wire. The rental agent explained that they were having trouble with the Ford steering locks and before inserting the key, the copper wire was inserted and vigorously worked up and down to free the tumblers before the key could be inserted and  turned! My father had a Corsair 1600E, it kept randomly cutting out only to start again a few minutes later. This was eventually diagnosed as a plastic fuel filter mesh on the floor of the fuel tank. This was softened by petrol and getting drawn into the fuel line, the car stopped - the softened plastic floated out of the pipe and the car could be re-started - until next time! A friend had one of the last Cortinas, the factory had added all sorts of un-ordered stuff (presumably to use them up?). His 1100cc car came with Air Conditioning - the drawback was if you turned on the Air Con at the traffic lights, it would stall the car!     Cheers Keith
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