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      Please note that the forum is still upgrading will be for most of the night I think,therefore you may find it slow at times, looking different etc etc. This will straighten out (he hopes) as the upgrade continues. One of the big changes is that usernames and display names will change.   At the moment you can have a username and display name for example you can have a username of joeblogsy and a display name of Joe Blogs.   After the upgrade we will only have usernames.   For some this won't make any difference at all but there are a fair few of you that have different display names., many of which I have changed for people for various reasons.   If, after the upgrade you notice your forum name isn't right please just send me a PM with your desired username.   You may also find you have been logged out, if this happens and you cannot remember your original forum details, please email me at mark@touringandtenting or open a support ticket by

  1. kingy_

    @Morrisons Went to my local store to get an item that was advertised on webpage as discounted, only to find the sto… https://t.co/N3G3Wgdo4Y
  2. m0sjvstuart

    RT @RAFMUSEUM: RT @JohnNicholRAF: Very sad to read that last surviving Stalag Luft 3 "Great Escaper" Sqn Ldr Dick Churchill died aged 99. 5…
  3. m0sjvstuart

    @VirginAtlantic my 12 year old daughter took this a few Saturday’s ago we think it is exceptional https://t.co/eZCC8F0mDD
  4. m0sjvstuart

    @bhx_official VC10
  5. m0sjvstuart

    @NaturesPoisons Show your scar with pride it is you that went through the trauma. Wear it like a badge of honour young lady
  6. kingy_

    @HastingsDirect I have raised a complaint, I just wanted to let people know not to trust you as a company so that t… https://t.co/CwSbiPkzt4
  7. kingy_

    @AskLloydsBank Again your not understanding, I didn't give permission to use it to set up a continuous payment, I s… https://t.co/E1A71GRTB8
  8. camperfest2013

    Thinking of coming to CamperFest 2019? There's so much to do in the city while you're here like dining at some of t… https://t.co/2kTSWw3zd3
  9. m0sjvstuart

    @katelawler Bricking it by Nick Spalding so funny I cried
  10. CampingSites

    Is this the coolest job in the #uk https://t.co/PQ715vACGe #Results2018 #travel
  11. camperfest2013

    Thinking of coming to CamperFest? Have a read of @timeout's article to find out some of the best things to do in Ch… https://t.co/t8iPa09ezL
  12. camperfest2013

    Did you see that @Telegraph ranked #Chester as Britain's Eighth Best City? CamperFest gives you the chance to camp… https://t.co/J2OZMFS1kR
  13. camperfest2013

    Do you know what goes nicely with Wrexham Lager - WXM Lager? Fully Loaded Pizza! @WXM_Lager and Fully Loaded Pizza… https://t.co/6n7FuI963T
  14. camperfest2013

    Have you booked your pitch yet? We've got a special #Christmas deal on at the moment where you can enjoy 15% off an… https://t.co/5nGeD10biB
  15. kingy_

    @freeparking Tried that but no response, hopefully now we have found the chat portal, they will deal with it.
  16. camperfest2013

    We have just put up our Xmas deal for Camperfest 2019. Proud to announce @WXM_Lager will be providing our on site b… https://t.co/uo3c7HSQSw
  17. kingy_

    @The_JamesJordan The 2 aren't linked? Out of sync should be penalised like Joe was.
  18. camperfest2013

    It's Time!!! You have less than 4 hours left to make your Easter booking at Camperfest in Chester and receive your… https://t.co/xHd8y37ems
  19. kingy_

    @curryspcworld ruined Xmas for grandkids, taking money for online gift, then saying not available a week later. #avoid
  20. camperfest2013

    Our November 25% off discount deal with your £30 dining vouicher for any Individual Group Restaurant definitely fin… https://t.co/GpReCfhq6u
  21. camperfest2013

    There are just 3 days left for you to get 25% off and your £30 dining voucher for Camperfest 2019 next Easter at Ch… https://t.co/lCJYOO8aQY
  22. camperfest2013

    Want a bit more information about CamperFest? Have a look on our website for more information or contact the team -… https://t.co/YGU2Lxk6FR
  23. camperfest2013

    We have put together a terrific programme of entertainment for Easter next year - and a dog show! Take a look at al… https://t.co/9Ufgi5U5P4
  24. m0sjvstuart

    RT @KathyLette: More proof of the IQ level of American gun owners. https://t.co/qRSYJiOWRl
  25. camperfest2013

    Have you taken advantage of our early booking offer that we have for our 2019 CamperFest? If you book before Novemb… https://t.co/3FreZ7aQpg

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