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  1. Keefdub

    #Pish https://t.co/SfJ8OrhPKA
  2. stevepaton1963

    RT @NHSMillion: It's a tough time for our nurses, but they remain as awesome as ever - RT if you're right behind them https://t.co/a3SjAMII…
  3. stevepaton1963

    @DephandStom Bugs the hell out of me also
  4. Pete & Zena

    Looking forward to a weeks break in our Retro rig soon.

  5. Keefdub

    @Paul303 Watch yourself, it's a gateway drug.
  6. stevepaton1963

    RT @doctor_oxford: Prof Hawking certainly isn't holding back tomorrow at #TalkNHS. Can't wait to be part of this. Livestreamed all day. htt…
  7. stevepaton1963

    @EdinburghTrauma https://t.co/CRIdzou9yu
  8. stevepaton1963

    RT @EdinburghTrauma: Inspiring Lister Lecture from Dr Rajesakaran, Coimbatore. Incredible work for the treatment and prevention of trauma h…
  9. Keefdub

    @Paul303 Hahahaha. Excellent motivation, you are spot on.... I've got this!
  10. stevepaton1963

    @CaravanParkLife Couldn't do ur job no patience lol
  11. stevepaton1963

    RT @NHSMillion: While Jeremy Hunt spends £44k on his bathroom, NHS staff have had to deal with a 14% pay cut - RT if you agree it's time fo…
  12. kingy_

    @willquince Missing you already. NOT.
  13. stevepaton1963

    RT @TNLUK: It’s another podium for @Mo_Farah. It ends as it began!
  14. Keefdub

    @deanoshoes That entire thread is just grim reading.
  15. stevepaton1963

    RT @NASASun: Our Sun-watching satellite captured extreme ultraviolet images of a sunspot rotating into view--for the second time! https://t…
  16. Keefdub

    Loving today's Hip Hop anniversary Google Doodle. Some choice beats.
  17. stevepaton1963

    @BoogsTweets looked for this all day yesterday . https://t.co/oRcCy3sast
  18. Keefdub

    Data allowance (8GB)for the month burned inside of 2 days. It's going to another blockbuster bill me thinks. https://t.co/P0lD0hccR7
  19. Keefdub

    @edfringe #ArtsAtTheFringe that's definitely positively a thing.
  20. Keefdub

    RT @BennettArron: To those getting their #examresults: However badly you do, remember it's not as bad as the result caused by 52% of your p…
  21. Keefdub

    RT @ChrisGSGray: .@BBCSimonMcCoy providing all the enthusiasm this story about surfing dogs deserves. https://t.co/FsG8TOj5iF
  22. m0sjvstuart

    @MrsAggers Good luck there is always a light on at the end of the tunnel. Positive thoughts have positive benefits
  23. stevepaton1963

    RT @EdinburghPolice: PC Amanda the Panda's working with colleagues @BTPEastScot 2 ensure people get home safely! https://t.co/VmZzvO1Oqf #O…
  24. Keefdub

    @gregpizarrojr Shield from what?
  25. Keefdub

    How many Guinness before your poo turns black?

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