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  1. I have a Raclet Safari, with the rear mounted kitchen unit. The unit has a sink with a tap and a fitting to connect a hose. What is the best option to get as a water pump to enable us to use this feature?
    Useful information is that we currently have  no 12 volt system. We currently use a collapsible water carrier as space is at a premium. 
    Any suggestions?
  2. Good day new friends. I bought a caravan last week only to discover I know nothing about them. I have a list of topics I would love to learn more about however I have decided to start with the most important one. The toilet.
    The van has the aforementioned Thetford toilet. It has a plunger for a flush. There must have been some water still in the water tank as the toilet flushed for the first few days. This has now finished. I consulted the manual to find out about refilling. It tells me to open the waterfill door and fill the tank. On opening the door all I have access to is a flue pipe. There is no hose or any opening to pour chemicals or water into. On discovering this I hoped that the main fresh water supply would refill the toilet water tank but this does not appear to be the case.
    Any advise would be hugely appreciated.

  3. When I plug water pump in water comes out the over flow should this have a plug or bung in it please

  4. Water Hog in W

    By markf, posted
    Similar to the Aquaroll the Water Hog Is a strong and durable water carrier has a large 50 litre capacity with side and top filling options. It also has a large opening in the top that
    will accommodate the biggest of submersible pumps. The heavy duty tyres give good ground clearance

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  5. Wastehog in W

    By markf, posted
    A sturdy plastic waste water carrier comes complete with all necessary accessories and has a large holding capacity of 45 litres. Includes a level to check when full and a carrying shelf for carrying items like a toilet cassette
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  6. wastemaster Wastemaster in W

    By markf, posted
    The wastemaster is made of strong plastic with a moulded handle and inlets for waste water at both ends, The top inlet allowing it to be filled to it's maximum of 38 litres and the lower inlet allowing the lighter 30 litre option.
    The wastemaster has 2 sturdy wheels which allow you to pull the full container easily to a waste water point. You can also strap your cassette to it with bungies to save having to carry a full cassette

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  7. Aquaroll in A

    By markf, posted
    A cylindrical container for holding water with top and side inlets, the side inlet enabling you to fill the aquaroll without removing the handle which is detachable.
    The design allows you to easily pull a full container from the tap to your pitch
    Rolling Water Carrier. The Aquaroll comes in 29 ltr and 40 ltr sizes
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