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  1. Was looking through our stuff a couple of weeks ago and came across a bit of memorabilia from our life in Saudi..

    At that time the UK were selling technology and services to the Kingdom and some very high price contracts were negotiated and signed..
    After one of these signing sessions with the Ambassador and the Crown Prince I was given one of the pens used to sign the contract -- having put most of it together.

    This pen was a Mont Blanc Meisterstucker No149 one of the top writing instruments.. generally noted with a six pointed white star on the cap.

    We noted at the time that these pens that were used only had five pointed stars on the cap - the reason being that the five pointed star represented the Star of David - viz - Israel [ or as it was known in Saudi -- Enemy Occupied Palestine]

    This was many years ago now [+20] and we hadn't thought any more about it till I was clearing out this old stuff.
    I went on site to see if I could find a value and the general info that I got back was that the pens were fake !!

    I thought that couldn't be true as they wouldn't have had the Crown Prince sign with a "fake" pen.

    So I contacted Mont Blanc and asked them about the pen -- well they wanted photos etc -- and it ended up with the pen being sent to them and then onto Germany for verification..

    I got the pen back the other day and also a nice letter from Mont Blanc confirming the authenticity of the pen and said in their letter.

    "The pen [your Mont Blanc Meisterstucker No149] was one specially produced purely for the our Arabic markets. - -yes - it is correct that the star was adapted specifically for this market as a 6 point star was not permitted at the time.
    It does make your fountain pen quite exclusive and exceedingly rare and a valuable item due to this limitation.""

    The point is now --- what do you do with this beautiful fountain pen??
    -- the last "normal" [six pointed star] one was sold for over £800.

    It is sitting in its box with the letter of authenticity -- and a photo of the Crown Prince signing the contract.

    Those were the days before we had digital signatures !!!


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