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  1. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Meet the Manufacturer – Kampa   

    had one would never buy another one not worth the money and useless unless on level ground, had to renew tubes and end ones always ending up banana shaped also centre roof panel pooled water when rained.
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  2. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Tent and Awning Security   

    I'm with Bob on this one if they want it they will find a way to get it so one and all do not leave anything sacred in view in caravan/awning.
    regards Martin
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  3. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Yes we are still away and not due back for 30+ days   

    Hi all I am virtually the same as Geoff been there done that and bought the t shirt I now fish purely for the fun of it and if something big comes along then so be it the enjoyment of the wildlife and the scenery adds to the day out doesn't matter if I go home without catching anything its the pleasure of the day out that counts.
    tight lines everyone regards Martin
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  4. 4wdmart added a post in a topic 15 Today   

    happy birthday t & t
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  5. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Jacks - what do you use?   

    same, better safe than sorry and any way too old too mess about crawling around car /caravan
    regards Martin
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  6. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Pegs !   

    Hi all coach screws and washers works for us never had a problem but don't forget to purchase a drill attachment happy touring everyone .
    regards Martin
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  7. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Air awnings (again)   

    We had one of the kampa 390 air aw nings first thing is you have to use them on level ground as there is no way of adjusting the legs and the time it takes and the weight make it quite an effort to put up hope this helps you Gary we would not purchase another one but hey each one to there own .
    regards Martin
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  8. 4wdmart added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    absolutely ridiculous
    We were supposed to be away this weekend on a rally with our local club but due to the fact we had a previous engagement would not have been able to arrive before approx. 19.30 to 20.00 phoned the rally marshall to inform them of this who said please phone the site to make sure this was ok .on phoning the site was told very abruptly WE LOCK THE GATES AT 1900 who ever heard of this on a Friday night probably the busiest night of the week ridiculous  absolutely ridiculous they must be losing a fortune in revenue The willows caravan park bromholme lane,Brampton,Humtingdon  Cambridgeshire
    regards Martin
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  9. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Sat nav   

    Hi Nor we have a garmin camper 760 which you can use as a car or caravan sat nav you put the details of your caravan into it set it caravan and away you go then when you have unhitched set back to car its as easy as that lots of other things with it as well we  got ours from Aldi on one of there weekly deals hope this helps
    regards Martin
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  10. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    The Kings lynn site is  very nice ehu, showers clean, field grass cut regularly and plenty of room we use it every year for a weekend rally.
    regards Martin
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  11. 4wdmart added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    R I P
    Merry Xmas everybody
    but sadly just heard the news that Status Quo's Rick Parfit passed away yesterday R I P Rick you will be sadly missed and condolences to his family
    I don't know about rockin all over the world it will be rockin all over heaven with the amount of rock stars that passed away this year wot a party that will be
    best wishes everybody Martin
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  12. 4wdmart added a post in a topic rock music   

    Would love to have seen if at 70 they would still have been performing like the rolling stones  could have been  interesting even though Freddie did say in the documentary that he did not want to be performing at 70. Thought it was very good the amount of money he left to the people  who he employed and his friends.
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  13. 4wdmart added a post in a topic rock music   

    certainly did shame there was'nt more music .
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  14. 4wdmart added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    rock music
    Tomorrow the 24/11/2016 at 7.01 will be the 25th anniversary of the death of Freddie mercury the lead singer of the rock group queen the greatest (in my opinion) groups of all time for music and entertainment.It seems like only yesterday that the world  heard of this sad news.
     R I P Freddie your music still lives on
    regards Martin (4wdMart)
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  15. 4wdmart added a post in a topic Gear Guide: Caravan towing covers buying guide and giveaway!   

    We  have one of these and can honestly say wouldn't be without it saves cleaning the front of the  van on arrival at site after towing in bad weather.
    regards Martin
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