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  1. acc added a topic in New to caravanning, camping or motorhoming   

    Bessie the caravan sold for a Motorhome
    After the loss of my wonderful Wife Maureen, I did try and few trips away last year and a trip this year. I came to the conclusion that along with too many happy memories and my health issues I needed a change. So I have sold our Bessacarr 645 and bought a Bessacarr 424 Motorhome. I am very pleased with the purchase and am looking forward to my initial frist trip out in March next year which will be a 6 week trip.
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  2. acc added a post in a topic VERY FIRST TOW CAR   

    Our very first tow car was a 1974 Volvo 144 Mk4. We towed a Thompson Glen. Good powerful 2 ltr long stroke engine.
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  3. acc added a post in a topic Give me a list   

    Viking - one piece plastic caravans.
    Mark I think the company in Essex that made tents and awnings that you were looking for could be Piggott Bros of Stanford Rivers.
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  4. acc added a post in a topic 2016 nights away   

    Hi Sonja
    Can you please put me down for 7 nights at Kessingland C&CC site. Thanks Alan & Maureen.
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  5. acc added a post in a topic Storage   

    Thank you all for your replies, so home it is then. But I will have to store in Beccles/Lowestoft until the house purchase is completed. That looks like December.
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  6. acc added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Hi All,
    Not been on for awhile, but I want to gauge some answers to a question I have. I am about to move up to the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder, and my new home has sufficient room to store the van there but it will be on show. I can see a number of advantages to storing at home, but I can also see a number of dis-advantages. So what is best, at home or in storage?
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  7. acc added a post in a topic 2016 nights away   

    Hi Sonja 
    Can you please book me in for 5 nights at Great Yarmouth CC racecourse site
    Alan & Maureen
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  8. acc added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    Hi Sonja

    Can you put us down for 15 nights please.

    10 at knowle farm in Hazelwood Derbyshire.
    5 at Windmill farm, Baston Fen, Lincs

    Alan & Maureen
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  9. acc added a post in a topic Taken the Plunge   


    We picked ours up from Camping & General in Canvey last Saturday, we need to just get away and use it.

    Had a chat with the salesman, he told us that they were only allocted 10 and they were all sold, he did say that his August allocation was almost gone. One piece of bad news was that he told us anyone wanting a 330 air pro would (according to the Kampa rep) be out of luck for this year.

    Alan & Maureen
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  10. acc added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    Hi Sonja

    Can you put us down for 6 nights at Canterbury C&CC.


    Alan & Maureen
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  11. acc added a post in a topic Nights away 2014   

    Hi Sonja

    Can you put us down for 5 nights at Jaydene in Suffolk.


    Alan & Maureen
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  12. acc added a post in a topic Mirrors...what are they?   

    My car is wide enough to get a fairly good level of visability down the sides of the van, but I still fit extended mirrors it's cheaper than a £1000 fine, or worse an accident.

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  13. acc added a post in a topic CC sites versus commercial ones!   

    We belong to both clubs but in all honesty we haven't stayed at either club sites for the best part of 2 years. We tend however to stay at CL & CS's. The last commercial site we stayed at was Fen Farm, but we wansn't that impressed.
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  14. acc added a post in a topic Taken the Plunge   

    Phil, did they give you a release/delivery date for the Kampa awning?
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  15. acc added a post in a topic Best place to sell a van?   

    We sold our 16 year old Bessecarr on EBay no problems, like said before try to avoid using Paypal.

    We end up with twice what I thought it would fetch.

    But as said beware of scammers, whatever way you go it always a gamble.

    Another way on E Bay is cleared funds via a cheque first before they collect the van.

    Alan & Maureen
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