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  1. mikethebike added a post in a topic swiss mountain passes   

    Thank you everybody for your replies. Much food for thought. I will have a look at a suitable route through Austria.
    I really fancy the route through Switzerland but maybe Austria may be better for my sister and her husband, we shall see.
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  2. mikethebike added a topic in Continental Touring   

    swiss mountain passes
    Hi all
    In mid May of next year we are travelling to Garda via Germany and Switzerland.
    My wife and I are travelling in a motorhome and my sister and her husband in their newly purchased
    Adria Astella caravan towed by a long wheel base Shogun.
    I have planned a route using A roads which is taking us via Chur in Switzerland and using the Julier and
    Bernina passes. My brother in law who I hasten to add is a very good and experienced ex HGV driver is
    concerned if this route will be suitable for his caravan and is talking about getting a motorway sticker for both his vehicles and going via the A13 motorway.
    Has anyone driven over the above passes with a caravan who could put my brother in laws mind at rest or is it indeed unadvisable to take a caravan over this route.
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  3. mikethebike added a post in a topic Route to Garda   

    Great website Snooks. Have scanned it but will examine fully when I have more time. We have just come back from 9 days away. Very useful info on Germany which is our favourite country to tour. Such a variety of scenery, beautiful towns, good food and as we have found very friendly helpful people.
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  4. mikethebike added a post in a topic Route to Garda   

    Thanks for that Hairdresser, unfortunately my brother-in-laws unit has a combined weight over 3.5 tonnes so I believe he has to purchase a Go-box which is considerably more expensive. It looks like your route is very similar to ours.We are going that way through France and Germany as we want to make return visits to Riquewihr and Titisee which we have enjoyed immensely on previous visits. The municipal at Lazise is very high on our list. Also Camping Butterfly at Peschierra who make dogs very welcome apparently (molly our spaniel will be delighted to hear this im sure).

    Thats very thoughtful of them. Hopefully the Julier pass is not so dangerous
    All the best mike.b
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  5. mikethebike added a topic in Italy   

    Route to Garda
    Hi all
    I know its a bit early but I am trying to plan next years holiday.As we are now both retired we are planning an epic 6 week trip part of which includes traveling to Lake Garda for a 5 day stay. We will be traveling in a 6 meter motorhome and my sister and her husband who are coming with us will be in their 7.9 meter Buccaneer caravan towed by a 3.2 litre Shogun. We wish to avoid motorways and toll roads particularly in France and Switzerland and are not in too much of a hurry to get there. I have worked out a route going via Reims,Colmar, Titisee, Lake Zurich,on Route 3 to Chur then the Julier pass to Silvaplana then onto route 29 and down through the SS38,SS39,SS42,SS510 to Iseo then on to Garda.We intend leaving in mid May and I have been assured by the Swiss tourist board that the Julier pass is always open and suitable for large caravans. Does anyone have knowledge of this route and is it a suitable route for a caravan of this size. I will add that my brother-in-law as an ex-trucker is a very competent and confident tower. We would be very grateful for any input on this subject and also any suggestions for campsites when we get to Garda.
    all the best mike.b
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