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  1. rp272 added a post in a topic Experience of towing a 1500kg Caravan   

    This is an important concept and I have read a paperpublished in 2003 by University of Bath, which hasundertaken comprehensive investigations into caravan stability while towing.Much of the findings relate to the distribution of load in the manufacture, of which the owner has little control and also to the placement of user payload.


    Their research appears to relate mostly to the 'yawingeffect' (snaking) and only touches on the ratio between the tow vehicle massand the caravan mass obliquely. There is no mention of "Kerb Weight" nor an "85%" ratio.

    The 'large' caravan that was used in their tests was a 1987 LunarClubman 500/4 which at 1101kg MTPLM is hardly representative of most of today'scaravans.

    The concept of placing 10 sandbags in the boot may not reducethe tendency to 'snake' but placing them forward of the rear wheels may!

    The more I read about this situation the more I realise thatcareful loading, precise vehicle nose weight adherence and speed below 60mph all combine toreduce the probability of an accident.

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  2. rp272 added a post in a topic Experience of towing a 1500kg Caravan   

    Sorry Predictable Bob that qoute was made by 'Steady'!

    The definition of 'Kerb Weight' is confusing as your citing of two different EU directives proves.

    My belief is that for the purposes of towing the important figure is the ACTUAL weight of the car. The 'Kerb Weight' widely reccommended for this purpose is effectively the minimum that a tow vehicle would weigh and is a constant value, not subject to transient loading. With 10 bags of sand in the back, a car may tow a caravan that normally exceeds the 85% reccommendation safely but when removed may be unstable. The bottom line is that the heavier the tow car the less likely it is to be affected by the trailer it is towing, particularly when braking.
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  3. rp272 added a post in a topic Experience of towing a 1500kg Caravan   

    Predictable Bobsays: "putting 10 bags of sand in the boot doesn't increase the kerbweight..........does it?"

    Well yes it does, as long as this does not exceed the GVW (Gross VehicleWeight) which is the equivalent a caravan's MTPLM!

    One must not confuse the technical term 'Kerb Weigh' with the weight of their car when towing. Many car manufacturers quote a 'Kerb Weight' excluding the weight ofthe driver; this is usually considered to be 75kg but should be included in the value when calculating the towing ratio as it is impossible to tow without a driver! As this will be the minimum actual weight of the tow vehicle and MTPLM is the maximum for the van, the normally quoted ratio is in fact a worst case scenario and a good starting point from which to make a judgement of what is safe.

    Bill Lord says: In the CC hand book it quite clearly states that the towing ratio is Caravan ACTUAL weight / Car kerbweight multiplied by 100, but it also states that theratio you mention above is a valid starting point when considering buying acaravan.

    The word 'ACTUAL' here is significant so that if you don't load your caravan to its maximum then the ratio reduces. However the same applies to the weight of the car when towing and if it has 10 bags of sand in the boot (assuming that this complies with the manufacturer's loading limits) then for that trip the 'ratio' will be reduced even more.

    The two main caravan clubs say that it is possible to tow safely when the 'ratio' is above 85% if you are experienced at towing, and I believe this includes understanding the dynamics involved between the weight of the tow car and the trailer.

    It is often quoted that it is illegal to tow a caravan which weighs more than the tow car. This is the case when the driver only has the 'B' category of license but not with 'B+E'.

    The government website states the following:

    Category B+E:Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM towing trailers over 750kgs MAM

    Category B+E allows vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM to be combined with trailers in excess of 750kgs MAM. In order to gain this entitlement new category B licence holders have to pass a further practicaltest for category B+E. There is no category B+E theory test. For driverlicensing purposes there are no vehicle/trailer weight ratio limits forcategory B+E.


    The Mondeo estate has I believe a 'Kerb Weight' of 1560kg and a tow limit of 1800 which equates to 115% and would be perfectly legal with the above license. I received a reply from someone on another forum who has towed a 1600kg caravan without anydifficulty.

    I took a test tow in the van I was considering buying which the dealers had loaded to the MTPLM of 1500kg and it towed beautifully and felt safe even during hard breaking.

    We are now the proud owners of a Bailey Senator Indiana and collect it in a couple of weeks!

    Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions and advice in helping to arrive at this decision.

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  4. rp272 added a topic in Tow Cars   

    Experience of towing a 1500kg Caravan
    Our tow car is a Jaguar X-Type Estate 2.0D with a maximum towing limit of 1500kg. Thispulls our Bailey Ranger 520/4 effortlessly at a 77% match.

    We want to upgrade to a better caravan though, and ournumber one choice has a MTPLM of 1500kg! With a kerbweight of 1575kg this equates to a95% match.

    However I know that the 85% recommendation is really anarbitrary figure based just upon kerbweight, but with my partner and the usualluggage on board the car will be much closer to an 85% match.

    Having towed approx 10,000 miles in the last 3 years in 6different countries I am confident that I should be safe to tow with thesevalues.

    I always prefer to work well within a car's capability andalthough I do not expect ever to reach the gross train weight of 3550 I am unsurehow well the Jaguar would tow that weight particularly up hills.

    Has anyone any experience of towing 1500kg with this car?

    The 2.0D Mondeo might be more common despite lower power andan 1800kg towing limit! If a Mondeo can tow our caravan without undue effort thenI'm certain the Jag can (which is based on the Mondeo chassis).

    Any advice would be welcome.

    kindest regards


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  5. rp272 added an answer to a question Alko friction pad life   

    Yes Ian I see what you mean. The URL as types is OK but the link sucks! I probably made an error when posting


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  6. rp272 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Hookup connector cover
    While touring on the continent I have noticed a rigid plastic cover which protects an IP44 16amp (blue) plug/socket connection. This is particularly useful when usining a polarity change cable or an adapter for the two pin sockets. I did not think to ask where these caravanners bought them but on return to the UK I cannot find on via Google.

    Has anyone else come across these?

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  7. rp272 added an answer to a question Alko friction pad life   

    I understand this but the indicator you mention is for the lateral pads and these are fine. I believe that there are two further pads for front and rear which are engaged by the hitch mechanism. There is an indicator immediately in front of the hitch handle. It is supposed to show green - but there is only a little strip. Apparently this is supposed to show either worn pads, worn tow ball or a mixture of both. I have tried the hitch with a brand new ball but this does not make any difference. See http://www.alko.com.au/uploads/2010/06/AKS3004-Service-Manual.pdf
    17,18 &19

    I have towed the van with this hitch for about 6000 miles from when it and the towball were new. I expected a longer life too!

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  8. rp272 added a question in Workshop   

    Alko friction pad life
    I recently had a bit of a scare when the AKS 3004 hitch did not want to latch properly. Eventually it did and I was able to tow the van. I now notice that only about one third of the the green indicator shows.

    This appears to be a sign that front and rear pads are wearing and might need replacing. How many towing miles should I expect from a set of pads?

    Any advice would be welcome

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  9. rp272 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    'grey water' pipe
    We are off to Spain next year and one of our sites has 'grey water' drainage on each pitch with a 30mm spigot! Taking advantage of this would be somewhat of a luxury as empyting the waste hog is always a bit of a chore. However I'm not sure what sort of hoze to use. I have made a rigid drainage connector out of 32mm waste pipe with push-on fittings which normally empties into the 'hog'. This is more practical than that corrugated pipe with a 'Y' connector which always seemed to have a life of its own and never wanted to drain properly.

    As regards fresh water I'm not sure that I want to plumb it, but just fill using a hoze. Food grade would probably be essential for a permanent connection but is there any reason not to use ordinary garden hoze just to fill the container?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  10. rp272 added a post in a topic WANTED   

    Hi Katharita

    Thank you for your suggestions. I had already looked at Waudbys but is an inch too tall.

    West Alloy looked really interesting as they say that they make these legs in a number of lengths. However I have just received an email to the effect that only 711mm and 673mm are available. I am wondering about trying to modify the shorter one.

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  11. rp272 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    I have a Bailey 520/4 which came with a freestanding table. We found this to be rather cumbersome and bought a secondhand table through eBay that hooks onto a bar ath the front and has a folding leg at the other end. I have no idea what caravan this came from but the height is only 630mm (leg is 610). This is a perfect in our van given the height of the seating.

    I would like to fit a shorter table for when we use the full awning. A set of 'hooks' for the rail are easily sourced and a sutable top is no problem either, but I could not believe how difficult it is to get a suitable folding leg! It seems we were very fortunate to find the one we have got. However I do not know what caravan it came from. I have seen many folding legs on eBay that look identical but all appear to be 660mm (26 inches). I cannot raise the height of the bar at the front of the caravan and a 660mm leg would give an interesting 'slant' to mealtimes.

    If anyone knows of a source for a leg of this size or has one in their caravan please let me know the make and model.

    kindest regards

    Roger Price
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  12. rp272 added an answer to a question Oven Problems   

    Thank you for your suggestion. I did not believe that a blocked jet would allow such an even flame at GM 1/4 and show no difference when turned up full. However I was wrong! After poking a fine needle into the jet a few times the oven now heats up close to the temperatures expected. I like inexpensive fixes and they don't come much cheaper than this!

    kindest regards

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  13. rp272 added an answer to a question Oven Problems   

    So what do I need to do? Are you suggesting that cleaning the jet is all that is necessary? How is extra gas fed to the jet when I increase setting to GM9? Does the valve just let more through or does a thermostat control thing?

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  14. rp272 added an answer to a question Oven Problems   

    Hi Rune Caster

    Now back in the UK with a proper internet connection!

    I don't think that it is blockage as the burner produces a steady flame that I would equate to the lowest 'gas mark' however when I turn it up the flame does not get bigger. The problem did not occur gradually but was fine one day and not the next. I am aware of the dreaded oily residue from LPG but I have a new regulator. None of the other burners seem to have a problem - even the grill. When it was working properly I too thought it was a bit on the hot side.

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  15. rp272 added a question in Workshop   

    Oven Problems
    The oven fitted into our Bailey Ranger caravan is 'Country Leisure - Caprice 2000'. Last year we noticed that the oven did not seem to be getting up to temperature. I removed the burner, brushed some dust out and replaced it.

    That seemed to improve matters but I did not believe that the dirt fully accounted for the lack of heat. The problem had now returned and I repeated the previous 'cure' but to no avail.

    I suspect that there must be a fault with the gas control valve? There is a copper themo couple which is heated by the burner, but I don't know if this acts to control the pressure if the gas or ensures that it is turned off in the event that there is no flame.

    I would welcome any suggestion as to what should be done so that we can use the oven again.

    It is not something silly like running low on gas. The cylinder is half full and all 4 burners on the top work perfectly.


    Roger Price

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