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  1. Wee Jock added an answer to a question Damp In Bailey Senator Wyoming Series 5   

    I reckon that the only way you will get out of paying the full 4.5k is to smooth talk Bailey into a compromise whereby they pay for the parts and you pay for the labour.

    This is obviously not what you want to hear but I reckon that given you have missed an inspection you are now out of warranty so an appeal to Baileys better nature in light of all the problems that others have had with these panels would be the best way forward.
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  2. Wee Jock added a post in a topic Volvo V50, Jaguar X-type, Ford Mondeo   

    I think it was in this months P C mag that they had a Skoda with a dsg box and their comments were not to favourable.
    Whether this applies to all dsg systems or just the VW I could not say.

    By the way the car they were comparing it with was the Diesel Mondeo so you may want to have a look.
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  3. Wee Jock added a post in a topic What Sort Of Mpg Does Everyone Get?   

    Solo I get about 39 in traffic and 45-48 on long motorway journeys.

    Towing depending upon speed and wind 22-28. Must say that this is 2 mpg less than last year towing when we had a narrower van that was 200kg lighter.
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