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  1. DEANO3528 added a question in Workshop   

    Result with Thetford flush!
    Went to use the toilet flush on our 250 electric last weekend only to find it no worky!
    Pushed button lots and plenty of flush on board. Checked fuse was good (already had to replace with waterproof inline fuse holder previously). All good...
    Hmm, so watched the various vids online but didn't instill confidence and anyway, had to narrow the search down first.
    Voltage at reed switch, and after removing adhesive switch panel cover deduced I had 12v coming up at connector. Pushing the switch showed no volts at pump feed on connector.
    Blast! PCB then? Yes, but not what I first imagined. Obviously I thought dead component but once I looked at it under my soldering magnifying glass I could see the tracks where the wiring block connects was in bad shape. Very worn out with evidence of possible high resistance. Cleaned up, wiped some solder back over them and hey presto! The flush worked again.
    Rather pleased with that. :)
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  2. DEANO3528 added a question in Workshop   

    Intermittent 'false positive' Autowatch alarm
    Any ideas why my alarm started sounding today for no apparent reason?
    New cells in the interior PIR, Main battery shows good voltage. Only thing that is probably past its 'sell by' is the leg alarm sensor which is a sealed 'throw-away' wireless device.
    Does anyone think the alarm is going off to warn of, or receiving corrupt info due to the leg sensor?
    At 50 quid a throw I just wondered if anyone else had the same issue and solution
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  3. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Lucky escape...   

    Cheers Geoff, who'd have thought it...
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  4. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Lucky escape...   

    I knew that...

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  5. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Lucky escape...   

    Yes, Geoff, a couple of times but can't find anything about it. Still no further word from Pennine either.
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  6. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Flojet   

    I think so, as our new Whale onboard pump makes the same 'juddering' whilst pumping. The upside of the new pump is that unlike the old pump it replaced, this one doesn't power up every 15 minutes to repressurise the system (indicative I would say of sticky pump valves). However the pressure at the shower head is definitely less than the old pump.
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  7. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Lucky escape...   

    Okay I'm continuing to update this for anyone with a similar problem.
    Charger had definitely died but had no idea which make or model to fit. So I pinged an email to Steven Elliott-West (exPlug-in Steve) who despite having little experience with the make confirmed it was a BCA I needed and how to extract it from the distribution housing. I then emailed Pennine Leisure who confirmed I needed the PO120, 20A transformer which I duly purchased online for around GBP105.
    It was a plug & play fitting which was nice and just a few minutes later all was working again as it should.
    Of course then I just had to drill out the two rivets to have a peep at the failed unit...

    ... which showed evidence of just how much power had been trying to get through the system whilst attempting to recover the battery that was getting flatter and flatter by the day!
    Now it's all sorted but I notice that on the voltage readout there is always a 'U' before the voltage reading (whether on hook-up or not) which has me puzzled as I don't remember it prior to the failure.

    Pennine Leisure have so far failed to respond to my question about this, unfortunately.
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  8. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Lucky escape...   

    Well it's a good job my 'Cruiser has two big batteries on it! Charger was working fine . However somewhere between motor moving the van onto drive, plugging in the car and getting to site, it's no longer working :( It's only another night but does anyone know what charger/psu is used on the 2009 Supercyclone please? Will need to sort this fairly soon
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  9. DEANO3528 added a question in Workshop   

    Lucky escape...
    ...I certainly hope so!
    All fingers and toes crossed at the moment.
    I have my caravan charging via a timeswitch (couple of hours a night to just keep the main and alarm batteries topped off) as the previous battery died of overcharging.
    We are having two rooms plastered so have been using the caravan for storage.
    Today the alarm went off two or three times which it never does, even in windier conditions than we have currently. So I went in to have a look, expecting to find a moth or bluebottle tripping the PIR and I noticed one of the piles of stored stuff had moved and switched on the 12v power to the van. Checked the voltage readout and nothing. Went and found another battery to put on, flicke dthe timeswitch to override only to find I still had no voltage! So had a peep at the fuses and sure enough the van battery fuse had blown - well melted to be exact. Replaced that and tried again.... radio bleeped in Sony-style but only showed 11.9 on the readout. Checked the battery at the terminals- 11.92. Not looking good is it?
    So with much muttering under breath, I came in to try and identify and price the correct unit. That's not easy at all is it!
    So went back out to try and find a prt number, felt the unit and it was humming merrily and warm to touch. Surely not... Yep 13.7 at the readout and at the battery so I'm really amazed that the charger is that resilient as it must have been trying to push a lot of amps back into the battery and couldn't recover it, hence the fuse giving up. Just amazed it appears to have survived at this time. Will switch back to timer again in the morning, but I thought the wallet was going to take a bit of a hammering this time.
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  10. DEANO3528 added a post in a topic Cleaning awning rail protector   

    Yes that's it but it's fabric, same as the one stitched into most awnings. I would imagine throwing them in a bucket of washing powder would work okay
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  11. DEANO3528 added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    Cleaning awning rail protector
    Anyone have any tips for getting those green, mossy strips back to grey again please?
    I've washed the 'van today and they look really bad. Muc-Off hasn't shifted it so I wonder if there is another way
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  12. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Heki Rooflight blind question   

    Yes I could see how they would get attacked by UV as not protected I doubt.
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  13. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question Heki Rooflight blind question   

    And I thought I had problems!
    There seems to be a proper vee-shaped piece in the plastic for the cord to run along but the one above the beds appears to have cut into the plastic quite a way
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  14. DEANO3528 added a question in Workshop   

    Heki Rooflight blind question
    Has anyone noticed their blinds getting hard to close?
    It looks like the cords that keep them in sync' are cutting into the plastic frame and I just wondered if this was the cause or it's something else. I see I can replace them for £135 each but they are in nice condition otherwise
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  15. DEANO3528 added an answer to a question No water pressure   

    Happy to report that the pump works perfectly and shows up the fact that the old pump had been losing a little pressure over time. Every 15 mins or so the old pump used to power up for two or three seconds to restore pressure. The new one makes no noise at all between tap openings; even overnight!
    However it's not as powerful as the old one, in my opinion but that's the breaks.
    Once I get the pipework sorted over winter to place the strainer against the pump all will be good, I'm sure.
    Thanks for the input, everyone
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