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  1. MacSpot added a post in a topic Why do you change caravans   

    Apart from our current caravan we've never planned a change. Once we went for a fly screen and came back with a new caravan, but mostly we changed because we've liked the improvements on a particular model and our friendly dealer has given us a deal that suits us.
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  2. MacSpot added a post in a topic Tom Tom issues   

    I accept what you say, but in most cases where somebody is done they have handled their phone - and that is a no, no when driving. It also worth noting the number of cars that now have IOS CarPlay or Android Auto, which allows the driver to use Google Map, Waze etc., on the dashboard display, plus most of the other phone functions within the car. All quite legal as long as it is hands free.
    On a personal note I prefer to not to use my phone when I'm driving.
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  3. MacSpot added a post in a topic Tom Tom issues   

    Not quite true, from GOV,UK :-
    It’s illegal to hold a phone or sat nav while driving or riding a motorcycle. You must have hands-free access, such as:
    a bluetooth headsetvoice commanda dashboard holder or mata windscreen mounta built-in sat navThe device must not block your view of the road and traffic ahead.
    You must stay in full control of your vehicle at all times. The police can stop you if they think you’re not in control because you’re distracted and you can be prosecuted.
    Sat nav's (phone or otherwise) should be pre-programmed with your route and if it needs to be re-programmed you should pull over in a safe place.
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  4. MacSpot added a post in a topic Tom Tom issues   

    We have a TomTom Go 5000 which has its own sim card, so no need to connect to my phone. It has Lifetime Maps (Europe) and Lifetime Traffic, but you can't set the size of your vehicle.
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  5. MacSpot added a post in a topic Sleeping in 2 berth caravan   

    We make the bed up as a double and use two duvets, one under us and one over us, sleeping across the caravan. The duvets are different tog ratings, a light one for summer use, a heavier for autumn/winter use. In warmer climes we carry a sheet and use that over the top instead of a duvet.
    The only downsides is yours truly has to climb over her indoors if I need a comfort break, although not a major issue as it is a rare happening.
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  6. MacSpot added a post in a topic Government ban on diesel and petrol cars   

    I'm not sure I'll be dead, but I'll almost certainly be gone!
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  7. MacSpot added a post in a topic Caravan manuals when away   

    I downloaded the PDF from the manufacturers web site and put it onto my iPad. I also uploaded a copy to my cloud storage, this allows me to read it onto my phone - just in case.
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  8. MacSpot added a post in a topic Books again   

    I'm currently reading Ann Cleeves books, both the Shetland and Vera series, I'm thoroughly enjoying them.
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  9. MacSpot added a post in a topic Bit of a non article in the Plymouth Herald about T.V licences in caravans   

    It's a non story, nothing to see here, let's move on. 
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  10. MacSpot added a post in a topic New National Trust Web Site   

    Thanks Geoff, but that isn't what I meant. The old site had a map with all the properties marked. When we start trips away we would enter a caravan site/location and the zoom out and look at which properties were nearby. This allowed us then to plan days out and minimize driving distances.
    I have to admit after working through the various pages on the site I eventually found a page that indicated that more facilities, such as maps, would be added to the site at  a later date.
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  11. MacSpot added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    New National Trust Web Site
    The National Trust have updated their web site to make it more used friendly for people who use mobile phones or tablets to access the site, apparently over 50% of people who visit the web site now use mobile phones or tablets.
    The site is here
    There is also a survey for the new site which is here
    My own feeling is it's very glossy but lacks detail. For example there are no maps, so you can't enter a caravan site postcode and then looks for nearby NT properties.
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  12. MacSpot added a post in a topic All good things come to an end   

    Wish you and your wife all the best for the future.

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  13. MacSpot added a post in a topic Short Stay Site near Calais required.   

    Used this site a few times as well (might have recommended it to Bob). Last stayed there in 2011 and have no issues with the site, owners are friendly and if you are there at weekends the food is superb. The also have a couple of Gites, a rare thing in northern France.

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  14. MacSpot added a post in a topic Terry Pratchett   

    I was on holiday and had nothing to read and picked up my son's copy of Eric and I was hooked. His books are such a wonderful mix of fantasy and humour and yet have a firm footing in the here and now. I never had the pleasure of meeting, but his passing saddened me deeply. RIP Terry.
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  15. MacSpot added a post in a topic I want mine to be firmer!   

    You could try Grayston spring assisters (
    or MAD Spring Systems (

    I have no experience of either system, but they are options.
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