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  1. Kiaman added a post in a topic Calor Promises Free 6kg Lite Cylinder - But   

    Like you, Les, we got our calor lites in the same way by exchanging ordinary bottles for the lites.
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  2. Kiaman added a post in a topic HAVING TO CUT BACK ON GOING AWAY   

    My wife carried on paying a full stamp all her working life and it has certainly paid off for us!
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  3. Kiaman added a post in a topic Selling my Abbey Vogue 215 GTS   

    So sorry to hear of your predicament Maurice; hope Mary makes a speedy recovery. Trust your Almoner is doing his job, Brother.
    Regards, Alan P.
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  4. Kiaman added a post in a topic Law change for UK drivers in French cities   

    Applied for ours about 3 days ago, got confirmation email same day and dispatch notice today. Found the whole process quite easy in fact!
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  5. Kiaman added a post in a topic Harwich Ferry Port   

    Yes, you can park up at the port. We always go on the overnight boat; bit more expensive, but it suits us.
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  6. Kiaman added a post in a topic Caravan Club V Caravan and Camping Club   

    None of the Club sites in either the C&CC or CMC are adults only I'm afraid. There are a few of the CL's and CS's (private 5 van sites) that operate an adults only policy. For adults only sites go to the UKCS website for listings in that category.
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  7. Kiaman added a post in a topic The end of the Poison Dwarf !   

    I'd like to see a return to the days when a team could choose whatever make of tyre they wanted, rather than being told "this is what you must have"!
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  8. Kiaman added a post in a topic Time lapse Red Kite touring park construction   

    Hmm, well that was pretty boring............must go and watch some paint dry!
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  9. Kiaman added a post in a topic Give me a list   

    Mardon. they still have an owners club.
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  10. Kiaman added a post in a topic Possible rally for 2017   

    We held an AGM rally there (another group I'm a member of) a couple of years ago and had about 30 units there, plenty of room on site, good toilet/shower block; useful to us was the fact that they had a large chalet/summer house type building we were able to use for our get togethers and AGM meeting. Would be happy to visit this site again.
    But...................If you are looking at June, we like several others are usually on the other side of the channel from late May till early, I'm afraid wouldn't be able to join you.
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  11. Kiaman added a post in a topic Better by ferry   

    Might not be bad for that crossing, but it is twice what we are paying for our Portsmouth-Caen crossing 
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  12. Kiaman added a post in a topic Better by ferry   

    Portsmouth to Caen this year, afternoon sailing. But, to be honest I find any ferry crossing that takes more than about an hour or so boring, much prefer the tunnel..
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  13. Kiaman added a post in a topic Over 60's Perks   

    A lot of the CC deals are on their sites which have no facilities (no toilet/showerblock) or on less popular sites where they have poor bookings.
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  14. Kiaman added a post in a topic Ferry booking , not ticket   

    Last time I did Harwich to Hoek van Holland I seem to remember that all the details were on the confirmation email and that is all I had with me; didn't even need to produce that!...rolled up to the check-in and without producing anything they greeted me by name (obviously using ANPR).
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  15. Kiaman added a post in a topic NR Awnings - what a shame   

    ............and another British company bites the dust! Great pity and sorry for the workforce.
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