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  1. kimosabi added an answer to a question Good old Utube   

    Hi Dillon...we had the exact same problem many years ago..The "pink stuff" does seem to clog the flush pump thru time..My solution is we never use the stuff,we just use ordinary pine disinfectant and we have never had a problem since..We have changed 'vans 3 times since then and have flushed out each flush tank with warm water and soda crystals 'till the water runs clear and all the wee black bits have gone..
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  2. kimosabi added an answer to a question 2016 Annual servicing   

    Here is the link for Thurrock Caravans..bit pricey if you ask me..Just saying.
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  3. kimosabi added a question in Workshop   

    Creased awning windows..
    Just bought a 2nd hand bradcot portico plus porch awning at a very good price..Only thing is the previous owner didn't pack it away very well and the plastic windows are badly creased in places..Does anyone know of a way to uncrease the creases..TIA
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  4. kimosabi added a post in a topic Towing problems help needed   

    Sound advice from the previous post ^^^^^^^^^^^

    Just a thought, do you have an original VW towbar on your car or an after market one or even a DIY one..I have came across the following once before,whereby the towball protruded much too far beyond the rear bumper,even a couple of inches will throw the max laden weight on the towball out by a few kilos and even might cause a see-sawing effect..Have you or the previous owner put a spacer or even a cycle carrier between the towbar and the towball..if this is the case try taking them out and see if it makes a difference..Just another thought,make sure you have a 50mm towball fitted.
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  5. kimosabi added an answer to a question 12 volt hairdrier.   

    Sorry for the late reply,been away on hols for 3 weeks...
    Thanks for all the replies and info..
    I am going to take bi6als advice and run a separate cable with an in-line fuse from the battery..
    We caravan with a 100 watt solar panel and manage to stay topped up always.,so if the hairdrier drains the battery too quickly its in the bin.
    Thanks again.
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  6. kimosabi added an answer to a question 12 volt hairdrier.   

    I should have said the 10 amp fuse is on the 'van fuseboard which is for the 2 pin 12 volt plug sockets..This fuse blew when the hairdrier was plugged in..I exchanged this fuse for a 20 amp and the hairdrier worked fine.I just think 20 amp is too much..As far as i can tell the 10 amp fuse only protects the 12 volt plug sockets.
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  7. kimosabi added a question in Workshop   

    12 volt hairdrier.
    The wife bought a 12 volt hairdrier yesterday,she plugged it into the 'van and blew the 10amp fuse..On looking at the packaging i discovered it runs on 220 watts and is 18.5 amps..i changed the fuse to 20 amps and the hairdrier seems to be working ok..I was wondering if 20 amp fuse is too much and is it likely to blow something/somewhere else....tia
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  8. kimosabi added a post in a topic M6 toll road   

    Thanks Geoff for the information.
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  9. kimosabi added a topic in Touring and Tenting   

    M6 toll road
    I am a Blue Badge holder and do not pay road tax..Does this exclude me from paying the toll charge on the M6 toll road..TIA...Dave
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  10. kimosabi added an answer to a question owners manual   

    Hi Wallace272..Welcome to T&T...Have you tried the Fleetwood Owners Club...worth a try.
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  11. kimosabi added an answer to a question Caravan spongey floor   

    Hope this helps Roders..


    do let us know how you got on with the repair.
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  12. kimosabi added a post in a topic Aldi caravan stuff in store TODAY   

    Apologies for jumping on this post..but "The Range" has a fair amount of caravanning & camping accessories too.
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  13. kimosabi added an answer to a question Battery box is so tight.   

    Most leisure batteries are around 225mm tall but it is possible to get shorter leisure batteries such as this one (188mm)and at a decent price.
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  14. kimosabi added an answer to a question Thetford Cassette C-200 CW vs Amateur   

    Jevis is your thetford toilet like this let us know so someone can help you.this is the c-200cw
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  15. kimosabi added an answer to a question Thetford Fridge N90EH   

    good luck in your search..
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